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Indulgent Blog Hop


Thanks for hopping by. The summer heat wave isn't over yet! It's been 100 degree+ temperatures here in sunny San Diego, California. Why not keep things steamy and indulge in a new scene from my recently released novella Blood & Bondage?

Book Blurb:

Anaïs Moreau is a classically-trained ballerina born during Louis XVI’s reign in France. After falling victim to the deviant sexual appetites of a nobleman at court, she suffers betrayal and abandonment at the hands of her aristocratic father. In turn, she embraces her best friend’s gift of immortality and becomes a vampire. For centuries, Anaïs preys on calculating womanizers whose sole purpose is to manipulate women. Until one day, she meets her match.
Oliver Polinski works for the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs. His job is to plan covert missions and train his army of soldiers to hunt down and kill supernatural creatures, vampires most notably. When Oliver and Anaïs cross paths at a mutual friend’s wedding, they learn that they both prefer sex to be a bit kinkier than most.

Can these two star-crossed lovers overcome blinding hate and prejudice for one another and find love? Only time will tell.


Glancing up, Oliver spied the object of his desire on the floor
above him. Anaïs was dancing with a man, a vampire as evidenced by
the blood-curdling glow of his eyes. He had her luscious curves
pinned against the balcony. Her back arched into the shape of a bow
and her hair was draped over the railing’s decorative edge like a
victory flag waving in the air. The sight made Oliver’s blood boil. He
could hear its thunderous roar in his veins. His hands fisted at his side,
fingernails digging into his sweaty palms.

“Wait here. I’ll be back,” he shouted to Adam, who leaned
casually against the bar, eyeing a pretty brunette.

Then Oliver leapt up the stairs to the third level of the
nightclub and pushed his way through the hordes of half-drunk
partygoers until he stood staring at the back of the male vampire’s

Oliver tapped the guy on the shoulder. “Pardon me. Do you
mind if I cut in?”

The bloodsucker barely acknowledged his presence. “Get
lost,” he answered, with a slight tilt of his head. However, Oliver
wouldn’t be denied. He slid out the stake he kept hidden inside his
coat pocket. Then he shoved his opponent back so he could look him
square in the face as he placed the pointed edge of the weapon to his
heart. The man’s eyebrows shot up in surprise once he saw the tip set
against the lapel of his stark white shirt.

The bastard stepped closer, his red orbs growing darker until
they’d been transformed into a dark, glossy haze. Fangs extended, he
sneered into Oliver’s ear; the threat came through loud and clear.
Then, a splotch of blood spread across his chest. But before Oliver
could press the stake all the way through, Anaïs stepped between
them and knocked the weapon to the floor.

“Both of you calm down,” she said as she stared back and
forth from one man to the other. Then, she turned to the vampire
she’d been dancing with earlier. “You’ll have to excuse me. It appears
that my dance card’s full for the rest of the night.”

The sly smirk that developed at the corners of Oliver’s mouth
proved priceless, better than if he’d rubbed salt in the vampire’s
bloody wound. His rival stuck his proverbial tail between his legs and
disappeared into the crowd.

Oliver snatched up Anaïs’s hand, and swept her into his strong
embrace. He grabbed her ass and thrust her against his steel frame,
rubbing his partial erection over the bundle of nerves that surrounded
her clit. Their bodies glued together, they grooved to the tempo of the
fast-paced techno beats. Hip to hip, the sexual tension between them
sparked into a raging, lust-laden inferno.

Oliver grasped both of his partner’s hands. He thrust them
behind her back, exerting his dominance and giving her very little
room to move. It seemed she could hardly breathe, let alone find a
way to escape. With Anaïs at his mercy, Oliver swooped in, his face
mere inches from hers.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, Anaïs Moreau.” His husky
voice whispered in her ear. It was laced with hostility and unfulfilled
desire. Then he lowered his head and kissed her, slow and sensually
while a hand explored every facet of Anaïs’s magnificent flesh
through her clothes. Soon, he heard a soft moan slip past her lips and
felt her tremble in his arms.

Oliver couldn’t hesitate; the time to act had come. As he
continued to distract her with his mouth, he reached one hand into the
pocket of his trousers and pulled out a zip tie. It was a simple, yet
effective tool he often employed when the need to apprehend a
suspect presented itself. As he locked the plastic apparatus into place,
Anaïs’s body stiffened. The arch of her spine lengthened, while the
serene expression on her face became replaced with an indignant
scowl. Lifting her chin, she turned her nose to the wind and refused to
meet her lover’s simmering gaze.

“So this is what it’s come to? For God’s sake, I’m a vampire,
not a rabid animal. Must you tie me up like this?”

“Somebody’s gotta save you from yourself,” Oliver smiled
into the side of her cheek, half amused at her snooty show of defiance.
Maybe she thought it’d piss him off, but it only served to make him
hard and hornier than imaginable. “Besides, have you ever tried
playing the role of a submissive? You never know, you might enjoy
letting someone else take the lead for once.”

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Guest Author - Evie Jayne

As a vampire lover, the lure of fresh blood is always tempting. Today on the Vampire Scribe, I'm excited to welcome a new author to the Evernight family, Evie Jayne. Evie has a release that dropped September 7th entitled Lunacy and the Vampire. Please join me in initiating Ms. Jayne into the steamy realm of erotic romance.

Here's the book blurb from Lunacy and the Vampire:

Every myth you've ever heard is true. Monsters do exist.Luna Sea Rakshasa inhabits.

The Dominion, a realm of immortals hidden within the world of humans. She is a Beanne Sidhe huntress, a killer of dark and dangerous things, but she harbors a secret that has been tearing her apart for nearly two thousand years. On the cusp of finally facing the demon vampire who sired her, the last thing she needs is an obsessed vampire who stirs things she would rather not feel.

Aveon Ap Conwy was human before he was found dying on a battlefield and turned into a vampire. For a century he has been tormented by the personal war to keep his humanity. Nothing has been stronger until the night he meets Luna. She arouses his deepest hungers, but Aveon knows he must resist his urge to take her...because if he tastes one drop of her blood, they will both be lost.

Thrown together in an unwelcome alliance and fighting the heat that simmers between them, they travel to the mythical domain of Luna's demon sire. As their worlds merge, Luna and Aveon become bound by something stronger than lust. Can Luna lay aside centuries of prejudice and open her heart to the only man who can stand beside her in the battle with the vampire king?


Her ears twitched. A sound. So subtle she barely heard it. A dark blur slammed into Cade, driving him off her. She saw a flash of metal, and cold blood sprayed across her face. Cade staggered back, clutching his arm. Red seeped between his fingers. He threw back his head and roared.

“Aveon, you bastard!”
From the shadows Aveon laughed quietly. His eyes sparkled like blue stars. He raised his dripping sword and pointed it at Luna.
“Catch me if you can,” he said, before sprinting into the darkness. For a moment Luna sat, stunned and gaping after him.
“You okay?” she asked Cade finally. The big vampire was grinning. The blood running down his arm had already slowed. His wound was beginning close.
“Hell yeah,” he said. “Go get the little shit. Make him bleed for me.”
“Will do,” she said, leaping to her feet and taking off after Aveon. As she ran she considered what had happened. Why hadn't Aveon allowed Cade to take her out of the game? It didn't make sense unless he wanted to face her himself. Or had he simply been protecting her?
As she paced through the labyrinth she kept low to the ground, scanning her surroundings for any trace of him. She found none. She was moving slowly and silently now, her sword drawn and her senses straining. Her neck prickled. He was close, maybe watching her. She peered into the shadows. Nothing, where was he?
“Luna,” his voice was a whisper of sound. She spun on her heel. He emerged from the darkness, his eyes burning with intent. His hands empty of weapons. Luna raised her blade towards him. He barely gave it a glance.
“You won't use that on me,” he said. He looked more than a little savage as he advanced on her.
“Don't count on it,” she said, eying him nervously. “We're still enemies.”
“We're many things, Luna, but not that.” He stepped toward her, laying his hand on the flat of her blade and pushing it away. Why didn't she use the moment to slice his palm, take the advantage?
Do it, Luna!
The sword tip scraped the gravel. With another step he had her backed to the wall. Inches separated them.
“This feels familiar,” he said ruefully.
“I believe it was you against the wall last time,” she said.
“And now the tables have turned. Shall I show you as much mercy as you showed me?” he said. Luna shivered as a chill that had nothing to do with cold ran down her spine.
Without warning Aveon grasped her wrist in a killing grip. Her sword clattered to the ground.
He grabbed her other wrist and pinned her hands above her head, easing his body against hers.
So savage and yet so gentle. Luna gasped, and Aveon smiled. His fangs glinted between his parted lips.
Vampire, Luna. Vampire.
But the closeness was a cool brand against her body. Her heart thudded loudly in her chest. She knew he could hear it. His eyes were fixed on the pulse point of her neck. His avid gaze burned.
He wants my blood.
“Let go of me.” Luna bucked to free herself. His grip hardened, and her struggles only increased the contact between them.
“Why would I do that?” he asked.
“Because if you don't I'll make you regret it,” she said.
“There's nothing you could do that would make me regret this.” He leaned forward and ran cold lips down her throat. Fear and lust leaped to life within her. Shivering with pleasure and surprise, she had to fight the urge to throw her head back. Good, it felt too good, and it had been so long.
She'd had lovers in the past, plenty of them. She was nearly a thousand years old after all. In her early years she had experimented as much as the next immortal, but after the first five hundred years or so it had just gotten, well, boring. Without an emotional connection it had become an itch that was less complicated to scratch on her own. And the specter of her father hung over any developing relationship. How could she commit to anything when a monster’s blood ran in her veins and whispered to her to take her lover's neck?
Aveon's hard body pressed against hers, and his lips left a trail of cold fire down her throat.
Desire rushed through her. Her small breasts grew heavy, and a wild ache rose within her. Goddess, she was starved for this and hadn't even known it. He groaned and flicked his tongue against her skin. The sound fluttered through her.
Vampire, vampire, she chanted over in her mind, clawing after sanity. Goddess, she had a vampire's lips against her neck, and all she wanted to do was bare it to him.
He'll bite you. She tried to push him away, but couldn't budge him. When had he gotten so damn strong?
He raised his head and stared into her eyes. “Don't deny this, Luna. You know this is right between us,” he said, and Goddess damn it, she did. It felt like coming home. Long forgotten emotions and needs roiled within her.
No! This was not happening. Not now. Not ever. Who did this leech think he was? How dare he make her feel such things?
“I said let-me-go.” Her voice dropped to a low growl, and her eyes narrowed.
Never.” His eyes burned with a purely male intent, promising wicked things. Possession was stark in his gaze, and he was looking at her as if he'd never seen anything more beautiful. Even as her mind rebelled, her body responded. To be looked at like that. For some unknown reason this crazy vampire had decided she was his.
“Why? I can't Quicken you. I thought you all wanted that,” she said. She thought a look of confusion flickered across his gaze, but was gone before she could be sure.
“I did.” He brushed his fingertips down her cheekbone. Had anyone ever touched her so adoringly, looked at her with such passion? Mesmerizing. She couldn't tear her eyes away.
Aveon leaned closer, slanting his mouth to cover hers. The shock of his lips. So cold, yet she felt delicious heat. A small moan escaped her when he gently brushed his tongue against her lips.
Another lap and the breath left her lungs. Without meaning to, she parted her lips, deepening the kiss, his lips cold silk on hers.
Can't fight this.
She fell, her mind spinning and her body raging in reaction. The ground seemed to shift beneath her feet, and the world spun away. He delved his tongue into her mouth, and after a moment of hesitation she met him. For just one moment all that existed was his mouth on hers, his tongue teasing gently. Her hand snaking up his chest and grasping the back of his neck, she held him to her.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Author Showcase - Jean Maxwell

Happy Friday Erotic Romance Fans! I hope you've got your bolero jackets ironed and pressed today as we welcome the supremely talented, Jean Maxwell, to my blog. Jean's got another steamy edition of her Spanish Seduction series. This one's titled El Precio - The Price of Passion and it will definitely make you feel hot and bothered.



Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Jean. Can you tell us a little bit more about your current release?  What inspired you to expand your previous novel, El Matador, into the Spanish Seduction series?


Thanks Annalynne, delighted to be here!  El Mirador begins and ends with a Prologue-Epilogue scene, both of which occur in the past. As I wordsmithed these parts it became evident that Zara's father, the main character in these scenes, was way too colorful a guy to be captured in those few paragraphs, and knew I would have to tell his story eventually! And as with every good love story, you always want to know what happens to the hero and heroine next.


Do you do anything special to get into the zone of writing?


I find writing is a lot like exercising. You just start doing it, and at first you're kind of stiff but as you limber up everything starts to flow!


What genre/genres are your favorite, and why?


Well, romance of course! But science fiction is a close second, and since hooking up with Evernight Publishing, I've discovered genres I didn't know even existed! Such a sheltered life I've lived, tsk!


Can you describe the process you go through when starting a new story?


Hmmm, now you've made me think. While I'm big on 'processes' in real life, when it comes to writing I realize I may have more of a routine than a process. Generally I start with a title...great ones seem to pop up all the time and I try to write them down along with bullet-point notes for the main ideas in each. These become the 'novel notes' that I refer to as I go along. I stay away from self-editing anything until I get the whole story in place, because if I did it would never get finished. Having said that, I've found that writing first-draft stuff in longhand allows me a chance to review and improve on it when I get to my computer.


Tell us what books you have on your own personal To Be Read list?

Oy, I hate to admit it but I can't stop myself from finishing the Fifty-You-Know-What trilogy...I've got a ways to go yet. That, books 2 and 3 of Hunger Games, and then my copy of Shatner Rules.

 As you know, many of our readers are also writers themselves. What is the most important marketing tip you would share with a newbie?


 A book publicist told me to always have a budget figure established for marketing any project. The number doesn't matter, just set one, because there are always costs involved even for e-publishing. Secondly, be aware that even if you have a publisher and an agent, you will have to do a ton of self-promotion. So be creative, cast your net as wide as possible and join a variety of networks.


What can your fans expect to see from you in the near future?


I have fans? Yay! :) Well for starters, they can look forward to The Last Hallow's Eve, my short story coming out in October's Just Vamps anthology. I'm excited to see all the other entries in that compilation myself. There will be a Spanish Seduction 3, and a WIP that's coming along nicely about a hard-working, sexy warlock.




“Welcome back, Lightning Girl,” he said with a dimpled smile, his voice low and raw with emotion. He took her hands in his. She thought her knees might give out as she recognized the undisguised need in his gaze. She swallowed hard and clasped his hands to her chest.

“Hey, Thunder Boy,” she said, embarrassed at the squeaky, Debra Winger-ish voice ensuing from her lips.

“May I escort you to your office?” he asked, casting a sidelong glance at the small crowd surrounding Mrs. Flynn.

Zara nodded weakly, feeling incapable of uttering another word. Dave’s arm slipped around her shoulders and guided her away from the action and down the long hall.

At last, they reached the cool solitude of the CEO’s office, Dave closing the door behind them. They didn’t get much farther. He spun her around and braced her against the heavy oak paneling, trapping her between him and the door.

“My God, I missed you,” he said, his mouth seeking hers insistently. She barely heard his words above the pounding of her own heart. Her lips trembled as they met his in a searing, all-consuming kiss. If he’d not been holding her so tight, she’d have melted to the floor in a pool of desire. She pulled her hands free and dove them into his tousled locks, dragging her fingers through the soft, collar-length waves of light brown hair.

When they broke their kiss, neither of them breathed lightly. A kiss wasn’t nearly enough to quell the urges seething within. Dave leaned his forehead against hers, his eyes closed.

“This is completely unprofessional and inappropriate,” he whispered.

“I agree,” she said, trying to catch her breath. “What on earth were you thinking, Mr. Parker?”

“Ha.” He smiled his signature half-smile as he continued to hyperventilate. “I was thinking, a demonstration might make things more clear, Miss Flynn.” He swallowed and brought his respiration rate down to a manageable level. “With your permission?”

“By all means, you have my complete attention, sir.”

He pushed away from the door, pulling her with him. He dragged one of the hard-backed visitor chairs over and jammed it up against the doorknob. Walking backwards, he towed her across the room to the oversized drafting table between two massive bookcases. He lifted her to sit on the vinyl-topped surface, wedging his body between her knees. His hands framed her face while he kissed her, hard.

Without conscious thought, Zara’s fingers went to his belt, flipping the buckle open and sliding it through the jean loops and onto the floor. She undid the metal button and worked the zipper down in a few tugs. He caught up strands of her hair and massaged them against her cheeks as he deepened his kiss, letting her continue undressing him. She separated the buttons on his soft denim shirt, slipping her hands inside to stroke his muscled chest. Her fingertips found his taut nipples and lingered there, tickling and touching.

He wrenched the rest of the shirt off then set to work on the front buttons of her sweater, stripping her down to her lacy black bra. His mouth moved to her chest, licking and kissing the mounds of her breasts as he pushed up the hem of her skirt.

With her hormones raging, Zara felt like she might leave a puddle on the tabletop if she didn’t get his dick inside her in the next ten seconds. She grasped at the waistband of his jeans and pushed them down past his hips, releasing his swollen member from its bounds. He pulled her roughly to the edge of the table, lifting her enough to free her skirt from around her bum. Her thin panties were no match for Dave’s insistent fingers. Not much material to them in any case, they shredded easily in his hands. He slung one arm under her knee and lifted it to his ribs, creating enough clearance to plunge his throbbing penis into her.

Zara sucked in air at the sudden, aggressive entry, surprised at how much the rough play excited her. Her arms went tight around his back, her fingernails digging into his skin, clinging to him like a cat on a scratching post. She relished the pounding rhythm of his cock driving into her. Holy Mother, was this how it would always be between them if they were apart for more than a few days? God, she hoped so.

She took all of what he had to give her, mindless of the blueprints and mechanical pencils scattering to the floor from the rocking tabletop. Without the benefit of much foreplay, Zara still felt the rising tide of orgasm flow toward her center as she matched his thrusts.

It usually didn’t work that way for her, the tender tissues between her legs typically requiring a bit more encouragement and…finesse, but…right now…felt good. Jesus, this was her workplace! At least twenty people stood not five meters outside the door. This is crazy!

A burning flush rose up her chest, her breasts tingling and tightening, while her inner thighs quivered on the threshold of surrender. The very idea of making it on an office desk, and that they might be discovered at any moment, brought an unexpected thrill. This is beyond crazy…this is unconscionable…this is…oh, sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

She tumbled into orgasm, and so did he. As Dave was about to let out a satisfactory moan, Zara covered his mouth in a smothering kiss to prevent any telltale noise from exiting the room. His free hand cupped the back of her head. She listened to the sound of his breathing and the soft grunts trapped in his throat as he buried himself in her kiss.

Their lips parted, and he nuzzled her neck and licked her earlobe before speaking in a painful whisper. “I’m sorry…if I rushed you. Did I hurt you? I never want to hurt you. I can do better.”

She kissed his cheek. “If you were hurting me, I sure as hell like being hurt,” she replied. “And if you did any better, I’d have to fire you. For being so unprofessional. But your, demonstration, was certainly convincing. Remind me to have you make business presentations more often.”
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