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Excerpt From My WIP

I thought I'd share an excerpt from my latest work in progress tentatively titled, Dance With the Undead. It's the third novel in my Tales From the Vampire Scribe series. This installment of the series centers around the relationship between Oliver Polinski, the counsel general of the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs, and Anaïs Moreau, an ancient vampiress with a well-deserved reputation as a man eater.

Excerpt from Dance With the Undead

Glancing up, Oliver spied the object of his desire; her red, flowing tresses hung over the edge of the iron railing above him. Anaïs was dancing with a man; a vampire as evidenced by the blood-curdling glow of his eyes. He had her luscious curves pinned against the balcony. Her back arched into the shape of a bow and her hair was draped over the railing’s decorative edge like a victory flag waving in the air. The sight made Oliver’s blood boil. He could hear its thunderous roar in his chest. His hands fisted at his sides, the fingernails digging into his palms.
Without thinking, Oliver leapt up the stairs to the third level of the nightclub and pushed his way through the hordes of half-drunk partygoers until he stood staring at the back of the male vampire’s skull.
Oliver tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, “Pardon me. Do you mind if I cut in?”
The bloodsucker barely acknowledged his existence. “Get lost,” he answered, with a slight tilt of his head. However, Oliver wouldn’t be denied. He slid out a stake from the inside of his coat pocket. Then he shoved his opponent back so he could look him square in the eye as he pierced the pointed edge of the weapon into his heart. The man’s eyebrows shot up in surprise once he saw the tip set against the background of his stark white shirt.
The bastard stepped closer, his red orbs growing darker until they’d been transformed into a deep, translucent garnet. Fangs extended, he sneered into Oliver’s ear; the threat came through loud and clear. Then, a splotch of blood spread across his chest. But before Oliver could press the stake all the way through, Anaïs stepped between them and knocked the weapon to the floor.
“Both of you calm down,” she said as she stared back and forth from one man to the other. Then, she turned to the vampire she’d been dancing with earlier. “You’ll have to excuse me. It appears that my dance card’s full for the rest of the night.”
The sly smirk that developed at the corners of Oliver’s mouth proved priceless, better than if he’d rubbed the vampire’s bloody wound in salt. Before long, his rival had disappeared into the crowd.

Oliver snatched up Anaïs’s hand, and swept her into his eager embrace. Their bodies glued together, they grooved to the tempo of the music. Hip to hip, the sexual tension between them soon sparked into a raging inferno.
Oliver grasped both of his partner’s hands. He thrust them behind her back, giving her very little room to move. She could hardly breathe, let alone find a way to escape. With Anaïs at his mercy, Oliver swooped in, his face just inches from hers.
“You’ve been a very bad girl, Anaïs Moreau,” his husky voice whispered in her ear. It was laced with anger and unfulfilled desire. Then he lowered his head and kissed her, slow and sensually letting his hands explore every facet of Anaïs’s magnificent flesh. Soon, he heard a soft moan escape her lips and felt her tremble in his arms.
Oliver couldn’t hesitate; the time to act had come. As he continued to distract her with his mouth, he reached one hand into the pocket of his trousers and pulled out a zip tie. It was a simple, yet effective tool he often employed when the need to apprehend a suspected fiend presented itself. As he locked the plastic device into place, Anaïs’s body stiffened. The arch of her spine lengthened, while the serene expression on her face was replaced with an indignant scowl. Lifting her chin, she turned her nose to the wind and refused to meet her lover’s still smoldering gaze.
“So this is what’s it’s come to? For God’s sake, I’m a vampire, not a rabid animal. Must you tie me up like this?”
            “Somebody’s gotta save you from yourself,” Oliver smiled into

the side of her cheek, half-amused at her snooty show of defiance.

Maybe she thought it’d piss him off, but it only served to make him

horny and hard as steel. “Besides, have you ever tried playing the role

of a submissive? You never know, you might enjoy letting someone else

take the lead for once.”

Monday, June 4, 2012

Keyboards and Kink Blog Hop

As a way to celebrate Evernight Publishing's June 8th release of the Keyboards and Kink anthology, myself and twelve other EP authors are hosting a blog hop. Feel free to read a steamy excerpt from my story, The Queen of Happy Endings. Then hop along to the author blog links below to read excerpts from other talented writers.  One lucky commenter on each blog will win a FREE copy of the Keyboards and Kink anthology.

A night at home on the computer doesn’t have to be boring…

Feel like chatting? Or maybe doing something more daring? The stranger reaching out across cyberspace could be a creepy pervert, but what ifhe wasn’t? What if he’s a vampire, the sexy boy next door, or even yourgorgeous boss? Thirteen tales explore all the delicious possibilities whenonline relationships lead to sexy encounters away from the keyboard.

Book Blurb from Annalynne's The Queen of Happy Endings:

Calliope Handler is fed up with the long hours and low pay of her massage therapy gig at Bella Faccia, a high-end spa in the Hollywood hills. Tired of customers treating her like a piece of meat that they can poke and prod whenever desire beckons, she eventually calls it quits. With the help of her best friend, Beau Jameson, she snaps some sexy pin-up girl photographs and places a provocative ad on Craigslist, touting her skills as the illustrious Queen of Happy Endings.

Sexy as sin, Dominic Trevino is a wayward vampire new to the City of Angels. In search of a no-strings-attached relationship with a woman willing to satisfy his need for blood and his insatiable appetite for sex, Dom eagerly employs Calliope’s services.

Sparks fly between them, yet neither is prepared for the sexual explosion that ensues once Beau joins in on the fun.

Excerpt from Annalynne's The Queen of Happy Endings:

         Calliope didn’t have much time to flesh out the evil plot against her best friend. Before long, seven o’clock rolled around and she heard the doorbell ring. The familiar flutter of butterflies swirled around in her stomach. Her palms began to sweat as nerves got the better of her, overstimulated by fantasies of what was to come. She sat in the chair by the massage table, listening as Beau and Dominic exchanged pleasantries. As soon as she heard his voice, her womb clenched as it readied itself for his sensual assault.
            Dominic entered the room and right away started to undress. His gaze locked on Calliope. She stared back. Her lover’s eyes danced from left to right, mimicking the shape of her voluptuous curves in a standoff of unbridled sexual intent. Calliope’s mouth went dry and she licked her parched lips, letting him know that she was starved. Desperate for his touch.
            Dominic let out a feral growl, then reached for Calliope, yanking her to his side. It seemed that a massage was the last thing on his mind. Without preamble, his mouth descended on hers, their tongues dueling in a fierce, hedonistic battle of wits. Dominic jerked the robe off her shoulders and released the clasp of her bra, then shoved her back against the massage table.
Calliope watched his brown orbs shift, changing colors before her eyes. While his mouth continued its invasion, she felt his incisors protract. Inadvertently, they grazed the ridge of her lower lip. She tasted blood and felt Dominic’s claws dig into the flesh of her shoulder. He ripped off her panties with his free hand and tossed them to the ground. Then he grabbed his cock by its base, rubbing the head up and down Calliope’s slick entrance.
“Dom, please. Fuck me!” Her hoarse voice whispered into his chest.
His movements ceased. His shaft remained pressed firm against her throbbing clitoris as if contemplating her request. “No need to rush, baby. We can take it slow. I’ve got all night.”
“No,” Calliope protested, pushing against his cock until her folds parted like a flower in bloom. “I can’t wait. I need to feel you inside me. Now!”
Dominic didn’t seem to need any further incentive. He thrust inside her, his shaft buried to the hilt. His balls slapped against her plump ass over and over, the sound ringing in her ears. At the same time, he raised his head and sucked her ripe areola into the recesses of his hot, wet mouth. Then his fangs sank into the flesh on the underside of her bosom and he drank his fill.
Calliope screamed as the suction from his lips made her pussy convulse, releasing a torrent of spasms that set fire to her libido. Her entire body shook as the raging inferno inside burned out of control. After several minutes the effects began to subside. She closed her eyes and rested her head on the table, completely drained of energy.


            From the slight crack in the doorway, Beau had seen everything. He heard his best friend’s cries of pleasure and watched Dom pummel her with his cock. With one hand, Beau made a fist, shoving his hand in his mouth in order to keep from moaning out loud. The other hand was busy stroking his rock-hard erection. His eyes were glued to the two lovers, unable to look away. Although when he saw Calliope’s body quiver under Dom’s masterful touch, he couldn’t help but join in on the festivities.

           Beau pushed the door open wider and passed the threshold,

careful to walk on the balls of his feet so that he wouldn't startle them.

Calliope's back was against the massage table, her eyes shut tight.
Dominic spied him first from the corner of his eye, but continued to
work his member at a quick, even tempo inside her pussy. As he
approached the table, Beau put his finger to his lips, urging the vampire
to remain silent.

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Don't forget to buy your copy of the Keyboards and Kink anthology on Friday, June 8th.

Author Spotlight - Shyla Colt

Today on the Vampire Scribe, we're welcoming the ilustrious Shyla Colt. This amazingly talented young author, not only gave birth to a beautiful baby girl just two weeks ago, she also found time to write a book. I'm in awe of her work ethic. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a taste of Lessons from the Professor.

Book Blurb:

50 year old, Professor Sidney Rothman is no stranger to heartache at the hands of a younger woman. So when he meets the charming, beauty, Sutton he’s wary. Her sweet nature and natural tendency for submissive behavior overrule his fear, and Sidney decides to train her as a sub. The affect she has on his heart wasn’t part of the bargain.

Sutton Atkins is a woman who thrives on pressure. To reach her lofty goals and shoulder the weight of responsibility she’s sets aside her own emotional needs. After many years that practice is backfiring. Her life is lonely and her bed is cold. The electric connection she finds with Sidney seems like the answer to her problems. Until his introduction to BDSM unleash responses that frighten her. Good girls didn’t beg to be spanked. Did they? 

Will Sutton embrace her lessons from the professor or lose out on love?

Excerpt from Lessons from the Professor :

She felt heat fill her cheeks as she peered up at him and nodded. The thought of his decadent voice directing her actions made her panties wet. She’d practically taken to carrying an extra set of underwear around in her purse when they were together. There was something about him that kept her in a constant state of arousal. She had never been able to put her finger on the reason before, but now she might have an idea. She’d always liked a man who made her feel safe and well cared for. Where she’d grown up that was what made a man a man. Sure some girls didn’t like the old fashioned and at times domineering type, but she’d chalked up that to city girl versus country. She took a hasty swallow of her wine before she met his gaze and responded.

“Yes Sidney, I believe I would. I’d like more … details about what you’d like to try sexually. I-I don’t have much experience in that department.”

“Have there been … casual partners?” he asked. He studied her intently as he leaned forward to caress her jaw with his knuckles.


“Good. I’m not sure where things will go between us, Sutton, but I can tell you it won’t be casual, and there will be no one else while I’m with you.”

“Does the same apply for you?”

“Yes. You’ll find I’m a very fair Dom.” His caresses continued and trailed down to her throat.

Breath hitched in her throat. She pressed her thighs together as her center throbbed painfully. He’d never taken things any further than kisses, and it’d left her achy and tense. Pleasuring herself had become a daily necessity accompanied by an almost violent release with his name on her lips.

“I-I should tell you something Sid.”


“There haven’t been any partners.”

“You’re a virgin?”

“Yes, is that a problem?”

“No, we’ll take things slow. There’s plenty we can do in the meantime. Would you like a demonstration?”

“God, yes,” she moaned.

He gave a low chuckle that made her juices flow like lava. She’d never thought of herself as brazen, but right now she was fighting down the urge to spread her legs wide and offer up a buffet of one. No one man should possess this much swagger without trying.

“You’ve been such a good girl, pet. So patient while you settled for kisses and light caresses.” Sidney leaned in to kiss the pulse point in her neck, and she dropped her head back onto the couch to allow him full access. Sutton purred as he sucked the sensitive skin into his mouth.

“I bet if I slipped my hand underneath your skirt right now you’d be soaking wet, wouldn’t you?”


“Did you touch that tight little pussy of yours while you thought about me?”

“Oh God.”

“Answer me.”


“Yes what, pet? I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, I touched myself and thought about you.”

“Show me.”


“Show me how you frig yourself while you think about me.”

“I- I don’t know if I can.”

“You can do it, love. I want to see that beautiful pussy of yours on display.”

Sutton swallowed as she complied. Her hands shook as she lifted her hips up and pushed her black pencil skirt up around her waist.

“I’ll take care of these,” he said. He hooked his thumbs into her thong and pulled them down her legs and over her heels.
She felt exposed and exhilarated as she opened her thighs, and he leaned back to study her.

“Wider, love.”

Sutton trembled as she spread her legs shoulder length apart, and he growled his approval.

“It’s just you and me here. Nothing we do together is wrong.”
She bit her bottom lip, feeling nervous as she allowed her hands to creep down to her slick folds.

“That’s a good girl.”

There was something satisfying about the gleam of approval in his dark eyes as he watched her finger dip inside to get a sample of her honey. She brought the liquid back to circle around her swollen nub. She felt like a hare in the path of a cobra as she continued to drive herself higher and higher, unable to look away from his eyes.

“Put your fingers inside that tight cunt.” Her breath came in pants as
she moved her fingers inside her slick channel.

“That’s it. You wish it was my thick cock, don’t you?”


“Answer me.”


“You’re obeying nicely, pet, and for that you deserve a reward.”

“A reward?” she rasped.

“Yes. This time, I’ll let you come.” She bit down on her lip as her fingers pounded into her weeping pussy double time. Her hips rose up to add extra friction, and within seconds she was coming harder than she ever had in her life, screaming his name. A feeling of shame and embarrassment washed over her as the haze of arousal faded. How could I do that in front of him?

“I’d like nothing more than to bury myself between your thighs and taste you right now, but it’s not time for that yet. This was about giving you a sample of what it would mean to be with me.” He words were even and gentle as he leaned forward to ease her skirt back down her body to rest just at her knees. He smoothed out non-existent wrinkles before he moved to sit beside her, gathering her close to his side as he stroked her hair.

“Did you enjoy yourself, pet?”

“Yes, but what about you?”

“Your pleasure is my own.”

“But you didn’t….” She trailed off.

“Come? No. I want you to be sure about your decision when we take that next step, because once I taste you and make you mine, there’ll be no turning back.”

Buy Links for Lessons from the Professor:

Evernight Publishing 

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Author Spotlight - Isabella Olivia Ellis

Happy Friday folks!  Today I'm happy to welcome, Isabella Olivia Ellis, a fellow vampire lover to my blog. Yep, she drank the Kool-Aid, or in this case, blood too. Isabella has a new release out entitled, The Vampire's Second. *Squeals* I hope there's going to be a menage scene.

Book Blurb:

       Caroline is the key to fulfilling a prophecy. Her marriage to Prince

Sloane is the final seal on his destiny to unite countries and lead an

empire. He declares war on a rival vampire clan, but before he

leaves he makes one request of Caroline. That she take her childhood

sweetheart, Lord LukeStone, as a Second. A Second is man who binds

himself to a woman with the promise to protect her at all costs and acts

as a surrogate husband. To appease Sloane, Luke and Caroline agree.

After he leaves, the royals of Bernehart are sent away for their own

protection. While in exile, Luke and Caroline find themselves drawn to

each other once more. They not only have their desires to contend with,

but also danger from their enemies. And the big question is, what will

happen to their relationship when Sloane returns?


           The discussion did not go as either had planned. Aftera few

minutes of  chatting, Caroline realized that Luke was trying to pretend

as though nothing was between them. She raised her voice at him and

he stood up to leave. Before he could, Caroline shoved him in anger.

Even with the added strength from being an Other, it was ineffectual at

best. He took several steps away from her, pressing his back into the

wall. Not caring that he seemed to want to get away from her, she

propelled herself toward him and screamed,

            “You’re being a coward, Luke Stone. A plain old coward.”

            “How am I being a coward, Caroline? Because I don’t want to

partake of another man’s wife?”

            Without thinking, she slapped him across the face. He winced,

but stood his ground.“It’s not like that, and I know it’s crystal clear to

you. You’re his Second, so it’s not adultery.”
            “Does a mere ceremony really change that much, Caroline?”
            “I could ask you the same thing, Luke. Is a wedding, at

its basest, not a mere ceremony? Don’t hold yourself to one creed and

ignore another. It is unbecoming.”
             Luke wrenched away from her grasp, his sleeve nearly ripping f

rom his effort. With his back to her, he looped his fingers together

behind his head and stood there like a winged angel.
             To his back, Caroline cried, “I love you. I have loved you since I

was a little girl in short skirts. And I know you love me. What are we

doing this for, I beg of you?”

            With a quick turn, Luke silently scooped Caroline up. Arms

locked under her ass, he spun both of them so that Caroline’s back was

now to the wall. He held her up so that they were face-to-face, rapid

breath from each coming toward the other. Her eyes were level with

his, and she couldn’t decipher the expression in them.The air between

them was thick with tension. Caroline could almost taste their mutual desire.

Pressing her harder to the wall, he slid one hand out from under her

and plunged it into her hair. She felt his fist curl around the tresses at the base of her neck and he pulled her face towards his.

            “Do you truly love me, Caroline?” he whispered, with a voice

that was thick and rough.

            She couldn’t speak, and only nodded.

            “Say it.” He demanded this of her, tensing his grip on her hair.

            Caroline swallowed hard, her want frozen her throat, and

said, “I love you, Luke Stone.”

            He seemed unable to be gentle in his current frame of mind, but

Caroline foundherself not minding. Their movements together were

rough and quick, acombination of both their flared tempers and the

desperate desire to consummate their relationship. With his free

hand, Luke lifted her skirts high enough so her lower body was bare in

his grasp. Caroline dug her fingernails into his shoulders and slid her

legs so they wrapped around his waist. After a moment offrenzied

fumbling, he had his trousers loose and down around his ankles. She

felt his cock brushing against her cunny as he adjusted his hold.

Then he looked her directly in the eyes and made another demand:

            “Tell me that you want me, Princess.”

            At the sound of desire in his voice, Caroline couldn’t help but

dig her nails deeper into his flesh. She leaned forward so that her

forehead rested on hisand said in her most serious voice,

            “Iwant to feel you inside me. I need to.”

            Luke didn’t need any more invitation that that, evidently,

because in one quick thrust his cock was within her for the first time. It

was so strange to feelhim move inside of her after so many years of

unfulfilled desires. He felt even bigger than she had anticipated and the walls of her pussy stretched to accommodate him. Each slight

movement was an exquisite sensation. He moved both hands to her

waist and with her back still pressed against the wall began thrusting

slowly. Through gritted teeth he said,

            “You feel as delicious as I always imagined you would.”

            Caroline tightened her legs around him and pushed against the

wall to meet his rhythm.Her pussy was dripping with her want and she

could feel their moistness mingling together and running down her

thighs. Luke’s hands curved down to cupher ass, and still inside of her,

he carried her over to the bed. He pulled herfrom him and turned her

around so that she was bent over facing away from him,with her rear

pushed out toward him. She felt his hands on her, traveling over her

thighs, past her ass, and then sliding down her belly and under her

scrap of a gown.

Links for The Vampire's Second: