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Monday Author's Spotlight - Lilth Duvalier

Today, in the Author’s Spotlight, I am pleased to have author Lilith Duvalier. Lilith has a new book, The Promise of Silk, published by and available at Evernight Publishing. 

You can buy A Promise of Silk by Lilith Duvalier here:

Teaser Excerpt

A small white hand appeared to one side of the tent flap and pulled it aside. The masked woman stood, still and silent, with the red silk of the tent flap draped over her arm. She said nothing.

She did look like a demon now, with deep shadows carved into the ruches of her dress by the far off carnival lights, her mask rising over her head like devil’s horns. Buck hesitated under her stony gaze, and then, with a gulp, he stepped out of the light and into the black interior of the tent. 

A spicy, sweet smell filled his lungs the instant he stepped inside. He wondered why he hadn’t been able to smell it from the outside but continued in, shuffling carefully in the darkness. The woman walked behind him, the fabric of her dress making a soft sound as it moved over the ground.

“Who are you?” he asked. She didn’t answer. There was a light scraping noise and a match flared in the darkness, illuminating her face and throwing the edges of her mask into sharp relief. She lit a candle, shedding light on nothing more than a stretch of red silk and the corner of a table, then stepped forward and lit another candle, bringing a muddled shape of something standing on the table into view. She walked farther into the room, lighting another candle every few steps. Buck stood by the tent opening, heart throbbing as though he were still running. Bit by bit, the room came into view. 

A rug was spread out over most of the bare ground, grass peeking around the edges of it. A large wooden box sat on top of it, occupying the entire middle of the tent. A small wooden vanity, with a large round mirror attached, stood against the back wall, directly across from the box. A few trunks were neatly arranged in a corner. The table with the statue of the woman on it, incense burning in front of it like it was an Eastern idol, was near the tent entrance.  

The Red Lady stood across from Buck, eyes drilling into him just as they had at the pub. 

“Tell me your name.” Her voice was soft, deep, and steady. It was like a river speaking. 


She tilted her head, the corners of her mouth tipping upward in contrast to the dripping points of her mask. “Tell me your real name.”
“Alaric,” Buck admitted. He hadn’t used it since that last day at the factory. Alaric was a clerk and a doormat. Buck had some status, even if it was only among criminals. He had gone out of his way to make sure none of his fellow pirates ever found out he wasn’t called Buck. Not that pirates bothered about a man’s real name.  
The Red Lady’s expression returned to blank beneath the mask.    
“What’s your name?” Alaric asked. 
“I haven’t decided what you’ll call me yet.”
His heart beat picked up again, and a tremor started in his legs.
“Why did you follow me here, Alaric?”
He shrugged, not sure of the answer. “Well…this is The Row isn’t it?”
“It is.”
“And you’re a woman on the Row right?”
She didn’t reply. Alaric felt his face heating, a faint prickle starting in his cock despite it. This was worse than in China, when that beautiful girl pretended to react to his clumsy fumbling and then tried not to laugh when he paid her for an hour and only lasted a handful of minutes.
“Look, my ship’s just back from a long tour. I can pay you.”
“We’ll see,” the Lady said, a small smile quirking her lips up. “You’ve accompanied a prostitute before?”
“Of course.” He pointed at himself with a touch of bravado. “Pirate.”
The Red Lady let a silence land there, stretching out before him.
“Just once.”
“It didn’t go well.”
Now she was reading his mind. He should go, simply turn around, leave, and never see a prostitute again. Maybe she really was a demon. Maybe the mask was hiding the demon parts of her face.

His mind was trying to move his limbs, turn his feet, push him out the door, but his body was entranced. The tremor in his legs climbed up to his groin, making him very aware of the way the dim candle light moved across her rounded body. 
“Why didn’t it go well, Alaric?”
His mouth was starting to go dry. His hands were beginning to shake. 
“She laughed at me,” he told her, dropping his eyes to the floor.
“Because I…I couldn’t,I didn’t…,” He stopped, gulped, wondered again what magic he had run across.
“Look at me when you speak, Alaric.”
He lifted his gaze up from the pattern of pomegranates running along the border of the red rug and met her shadowed eyes. 
“I couldn’t.... I barely got inside her before….”
The Red Lady didn’t reply. Alaric suffered a terrible moment of fear she would throw him right back out of her tent and let him find a lower class prostitute who would welcome a quick trick like him between the carnival crowd. 
“Fortunately, that won’t be a problem here,” the Red Lady told him, a smile spreading over her red lips. “Undo your trousers, Alaric."


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Lilith.  I loved the teaser excerpt.  Tell us a little bit more about the book.  What inspired you to write this story?

The Promise of Silk is a Steampunk BDSM femdom story. Part of the inspiration was that I had read a very interesting BDSM story a couple weeks before Evernight’s Master of Mine anthology came out. I wanted to submit, but I was 15 thousand words in and still running strong about a week before the deadline, so I decided to bring it out to novella length. Another thing that inspired me was how hard it is to find decent femdom. I don’t enjoy reading about dominant men, I’m not a fan of alpha males in most fiction (I tend to fall for the Xander Harrises and Simon Tams of fandoms) and I have very little patience for alpha males in real life. I wanted to contribute something to the very small Alpha female selection.

Can you share with the readers how you got your start writing erotic novels?

Absolutely! I was unemployed, as I often am, and with nothing but time and caffeine on my hands in my silent and freezing apartment, I was looking for something free and fun to do for Samhain that year. A couple of google searches brought me to Samhain Publishing, where I learned about e-books and small press erotica publishing. After a year or so I started writing my own and then one day decided that I desperately wanted cover art.

If you weren’t a writer, what career field would you most likely find yourself?

My degree is in theater and English. So I probably would fall back into costuming,which is what I was doing in college.

Can you describe the process you go through when starting to write a new story?

I usually start at the climax. The first idea I always get for a story is the biggest fight or the biggest sex scene or the impassioned speech one character gives to another. From that initial idea I sit down and do really detailed character sketches and then an outline of various degrees of detailed. Sometimes I’ll have a really detailed beginning middle and end, and no way to connect them, or I’ll know exactly how it ends, but no idea how it starts. Once I start writing I write whatever the words are flowing for and then go back and cut and paste as needed. So if I just know how the fight at the end goes one day, I sit down and write it, even if I’m still on page four. I wrote a story a few months ago that was about 30 pages of sex scenes and fights, which I’m still quietly edging plot into as I go.

Do you have any advice for new/aspiring romance writers?

 Learn the formula, the tropes, and the stock characters. Read through TV Get the building blocks down inside and out so that when you sit down to write something you’re able to compose your own picture instead of color insides omeone else’s lines.

Tell us what you have on your own personal To Be Read list?

Oh it grows. Snuff by Terry Pratchett. House of Leaves. The Story of a Marriage.

 Do you have a favorite dirty word or line of text that you seem to gravitate toward in your books?

Oh no. If I point them out everyone will see them! Umm… “ran his hands down his/her back, feeling the muscles cording underneath” I do a lot of variations on that. “tugged his cock”.  “that electric spot within him/her”

What can your fans expect to see from you in the near future?

I’m hoping to submit a very… odd late bloomer story after work tomorrow night, sothey can look out to see what happens with that. I’m finishing up an m/m historical romance about cowboys turned bank robbers in the old west. I’m working on an extremely bloody fairy-tale/horror story. I’ve also got what I’m calling a “gender queer” contemporary and a super-hero short story in the wings. So I’m keeping busy.

I want to wish you all the best with your new book and with your writing career.  Please stop back by my blog anytime.

Read more about Lilith here:

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Teaser For My WIP

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the Thanksgiving holidays.  I have been busy working on a new novel, tentatively titled, Dueling Desires - A Naughty Rumpelstiltskin Tale.  This scene takes place between the heroine, Katarina, and the evil warlord, Aleksander, who sequestered her in his dungeon until she spins a heap of straw into a pile of gold. I hope you like it! :)



Dueling Desires Teaser

“Betsy, you may be dismissed,” Aleksander said to the governess. As soon as the old woman disappeared out of sight, he advanced on Katarina. He lifted her hand and laid a kiss to her limber wrist. He stepped back, then twirled her around as if on the floor of a ballroom. She pirouetted twice before he stopped her. Aleksander clutched her hip with his unyielding grip and pulled her against his strong, athletic build. His erection flush against her pelvic bone. Katarina’s fingers automatically grasped his broad shoulders to keep from falling at the same time he inclined his head to whisper in her ear. “I make it a habit to treat my guests well. As long as they deliver what is expected.”

            It was obvious Aleksander wasn’t talking about her work on the spinning wheel. Katarina cleared her throat and stepped backward toward the bed. Her captor pursued her, his intent clearly sexual. She picked up the gold fabric she had woven, and whirled around to face him. “Here is the textile you asked me to weave,” she said, anything to distract him from his mission to seduce her.

            He took a brief gander at the material, then turned his attention back to Katarina. This time, so close she could smell the brandy on his breath. “Very nice. But that’s not the only reason I brought you to my estate,” he admitted as he cornered her body between the wall and the bedpost. She had nowhere to run. No place to hide from the onslaught of his desire. “I need to taste you.”

            Suddenly his mouth descended upon her sensitive skin, leaving a trail of kisses behind her earlobe and down the slender column of her throat. His fiery-hot tongue ignited a blazing inferno along her untouched flesh. Katarina moaned and draped her languid arms over his well-defined shoulders to keep her balance. She suddenly felt weak. Light-headed. Ready to pass out. She had to speak up, before she lost her nerve. “Please, Mr. Othman. If you have any respect for my honor. Stop this madness!”

            Aleksander drew back and stared at her, his decisiveness unwavering. His eyes wandered to her breasts for only a moment, before he yanked on the lace fabric of her bodice, revealing her achy, swollen bosom. One cherry-red nipple peaked its head out of her corset. A draft hit her exposed skin and sent a chill up her spine. It was enough to cause her nipple to bead expectantly, begging for his eager caress. Katarina whimpered as his thumb grazed the tip. Heat exploded in her thighs and liquid from her womb drizzled down the inside of her leg.

            “No need to worry your pretty little head, Katarina. We’re just having a bit of fun. I plan to leave you fully intact. At least for tonight.” Without warning, he turned her in his arms and pressed her lithe curves flat against the stone wall. He nudged her legs apart, lifted her gown, and delicately removed the matching red panties he’d left for her earlier. Each stroke was purposeful. Each movement precise and deliberate as if unwrapping a gift on Christmas Eve. Then he stepped back and stared. Katarina watched him out of the corner of her eye. His mouth gaped open, saliva forming in the hollows of his mouth in preparation for attack. Katarina could feel his gaze focused on her rear and on the delicate flesh of her womanhood that glistened in the early morning sunlight.

            Aleksander extended his index finger and slid it over her heated nub, down her thigh and over her round bottom, collecting the sweet nectar that pooled in the crevice between the two. Katarina writhed in his arms. Her knees grew weak. Aleksander seemed to relish her enthusiastic response. He lifted his finger to his lips to savor Katarina’s unique flavor. He leaned his forehead against her back and groaned. “Hmm. Just as mouth-watering as I imagined.”

            Katarina leveraged her sweat-soaked body against the cool pavers plastered to the wall. She took in deep inhalations of air to calm her battered nerves. “Why are you doing this, Aleksander?” she asked him.

            “Because I can.” With his forehead still pressed between her shoulder blades, he let out a wicked laugh. His heated breath glided across her prickly skin. A moment later, he slipped her dress and undergarments back into place and stepped away. He snatched up the gold material laid across the foot of the bed and bolted to the door. “Now get back to your work at the spinning wheel. I shall return later this evening to check on your progress. And if you’re a good little slave, I’ll reward you with a night of pleasure the likes of which your virtuous flesh could never imagine. Even in your wildest dreams.”

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Monday Author's Spotlight/Book Giveaway - Carolyn Rosewood

Today, in the Author’s Spotlight, I am pleased to have Author Carolyn Rosewood. Carolyn has a new book, Playing For Keeps, published by and available at Evernight Publishing. 

Playing For Keeps Teaser

He strolled toward her, moving slowly like a large cat. It was easy to imagine him as a panther. Dark, deadly, striking when least expected. The fact he was drop-dead gorgeous only enhanced the image. There was no way to stop her traitorous body from responding to his sultry moves. Her pussy was suddenly wet and her tank top felt way too tight. Images of fucking him silly on one of the tables in the bar flitted through her mind.

Instead of walking around behind the bar, he sat at the closest table and put his chin in his hands, still studying her face. “Before I tell you how I know, tell me why you’re hiding.”

She shook her head. “It doesn’t work that way, Damien. I took a chance coming in here tonight, trusting humans. I get to choose how much to reveal and when, not you.”

He stood up so quickly the chair fell backwards. “Who the hell do you think you are? I’ve known demons, Teresa. They don’t take the kind of risks you did tonight. You don’t seem stupid so that only leaves careless.”

His words stung but there was truth in them. She was careless. Had been for as long as she could remember, but it hurt to hear someone say it out loud.

“My customers are loyal to me and they lied tonight for my sake, not yours.” He took several strides toward her, his dark eyes flashing. “But don’t think for one minute I’m going to let you throw people around my bar every night. Sooner or later those same customers will begin asking questions. And when that happens, I’ll be minus one business and you’ll be back where you belong.”

Men fell at her feet and begged her to stay. They didn’t cross a room, full of righteous indignation, and lecture her. How dare he?

“Who the hell are you to tell me what to do?”

“The person who owns this bar, that’s who. You want to work here, you follow my rules.”

“I make the rules, Damien. I don’t follow them.”

“You’ll follow mine or you can leave right now. The choice is yours.”

He’d reached the other side of the counter now. Lust and anger rolled off him in waves. The combination was intoxicating, but he was only a man. Forcing her breathing to slow down, she weighed her options again. There were only two choices. Play along for now, or find another place to hide. Damien was one of the sexiest men she’d ever met. The fact he wanted her to leave made her more determined to win him over.

Lowering her eyes, she also toned down her voice. “I made a mistake, Damien. It won’t happen again.”

“You’re damn right it won’t because I want you gone. Tonight.”

As a demon, she’d never met a man she couldn’t persuade to do her bidding. She seduced mortals into signing away their souls using her body and her looks, and no man had ever dismissed her from his life as Damien was doing now. A bar owner in a one-horse town should be no challenge at all for her. What was so different about him? Why was he immune to her charms?

“You don’t mean that.” She held his gaze steady.

He faltered for just a second, breaking eye contact. “Stop that shit, Teresa. I know what you’re trying to do.”

Was that all it would take for him to let her stay, to seduce him? That shouldn’t be a problem. The sudden realization he wasn’t immune to her powers of seduction gave Teresa such a thrill she decided to change tactics. Why argue with him about who made the rules when all she had to do was get him into bed?

She smiled and hopped up on the bar, giving him a nice eyeful of her hot pink thong as she swung her legs around. As she slid off the other side and inched toward him, he took a step back. Several emotions crossed his chiseled face, competing for control. “Stop what shit, Damien? Do I really need to use my powers to seduce you? You wanted me from the second you saw me in the bathroom.”

“You can’t solve this with sex.”

His voice was husky and unsure. Beads of sweat broke out along his hairline. His soft, wavy hair that she wanted to run her fingers through and bury her nose in.

“Sex solves everything, Damien.” She closed the gap between them until they were only inches apart. His eyes were intense, searching. He was hanging on by a thread, and the realization she was that close excited her to the point of physical pain. “Sex is the great leveler between two people.”

“Is that all you want? To seduce me?”

“Would that be so terrible?” She took another step closer and ran a finger from the pulse at the base of his throat down his shirt, stopping at his navel. He drew in a sharp breath as tiny beads of sweat broke out along his upper lip. His full, thick lips that begged to be kissed.

“If you want me to leave, then so be it. But there’s nothing to stop us from having some fun first, is there?”

His face twisted into a mask of pain and confusion.” Dammit, Teresa I’m not immune to you, okay? But I know how to fight it because I’ve been there before. I want you to leave.”


“Please get out of here,” he whispered.

“One night.” She ran her hands over his chest, enjoying the contrast between his rippling muscles and the soft cotton shirt. “Just one, and then I’ll leave and you’ll never see me again.”

“Why do you have to prove yourself?”

Teresa rubbed her fingers over his nipples under the fabric and he groaned. “I’m not trying to prove anything. I just want to fuck you.”

“Damn you,” he whispered.
She smiled. “Too late.”


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Carolyn.  I loved the teaser excerpt.  Tell us a little bit more about the book.  What inspired you to write this story?

Playing for Keeps is the third book in my Seduced By A Demon series from Evernight Publishing, and as soon as I wrote the first line of dialogue for Teresa, the heroine in PFK, I knew she needed her own book. She's SO ruthless and self-absorbed in HUNTED, Book 2, that I knew it would be a fun challenge to make her the heroine of a love story.

I understand you’re fairly new to the erotic romance scene. Tell us about the journey your writing career has taken.

I suppose I'm new in terms of being published but I've wanted to write since I was about eight years old. I was that geek in school carrying around a notebook filled with hand-written stories. I didn't get serious about my writing until a few years ago. One of the places I joined was Litopia, an online writing community. After receiving some help with various manuscripts, from both members of Litopia and RWA chapter mates, I responded to a challenge thread on Litopia from Emma Shortt. Emma is both my Evernight editor and a moderator on Litopia. From that story THE LAST SOUL, Book 1, was born.

What genre/genres are your favorite, and why?

I'll read anything as long as there's an actual story and three-dimensional characters, and I believe the plot.

Can you describe the process you go through when starting a new story?

They all start as ideas, and those come from everywhere. I either jot down a few key words, or the full-blown plot if that's what comes to me, or use the voice recorder app on my iPhone to capture the idea before it's gone. I start as soon as I can, depending on what else I'm working on. The first thing I do is get to know my characters. I name them, give them physical characteristics, and outline everything from their favorite color to their most cherished childhood memory. Then I do their GMC charts - goal, motivation and conflict, and use those as a roadmap as I write the story. I'm very much a pantser from that point on.

Do you have any advice for new/aspiring romance writers?

Read, learn your craft, have patience and perseverance, and avoid the temptation to compare yourself with others. Write what you love and the rest will take care of itself.

Tell us what you have on your own personal To Be Read list?

 Oh my goodness there are at least one hundred books on it. :)

What can your fans expect to see from you in the near future?

I have a menage story called A VERY NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS coming out in December as part of Evernight's Stockings and Suspenders anthology. I'm waiting to hear back on a story for another Evernight anthology, and I'm getting ready to submit a fantasy/romance that takes place in an alternate universe. This is a full length novel called HIS MAJESTY'S SECRET. I also have a six book menage series planned.

I want to wish you all the best with your new book and with your writing career.  Please stop back by my blog anytime.

**Don't forget to comment on this post with your email address for a chance to win a free copy of Playing For Keeps"

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Welcome Guest Author Avril Ashton

Today, in the Authors Spotlight, I am pleased to have Author Avril Ashton.  Avril has a new book, Till Abandon, published by and available at Total E Bound.

Till Abandon Teaser

In his apartment over Montez’ bar, Blake Montez lay on his bed, chewing on a toothpick, eyes closed. A psychic disturbance hovered in the air, charged with magic he’d never experienced before. It’d been two days since he’d first felt the soft ripples on his skin, and now it grew stronger, more insistent.

       The other half of him, his wolf, clawed to get out, but Blake ignored the need for the moment. While strange and very powerful, the magic didn’t appear malevolent. These powers didn’t come from the cats trying to stake a claim to his territory. Czion, the jaguar leader, didn’t have access to the kind of power Blake felt in the air. Still, he should warn his pack to be wary, to be on the lookout for any strange goings-on. As Alpha, it was his duty to protect them and if this thing posed a threat, they needed to be prepared.

       He rose off the bed, pulling on a pair of sweat pants and the black T-shirt he’d discarded earlier. A few of his guys remained downstairs, playing pool and hanging out. He’d tell them his suspicions and ask them to spread the word. Then he’d go for a run. His wolf itched to come out and play tonight.

       Halfway down the stairs, he stopped. The unfamiliar magic seemed concentrated in the room below, the bar. He took his time descending the stairs, using his wolf senses to scent out the source. He found it—or rather her—at the bar.

       “Marcus, get everyone out now.” Speaking to his beta and best friend, Blake kept his eyes on the woman. She sat with her back to him, dressed to match the snow white of her hair.

       “What’s going on, Blake?” Bent over a pool table in the corner, cue in hand, Marcus didn’t sound the least bit disturbed.

       “Don’t you feel the ripples in the air?” Blake struggled to quiet the growls rumbling in his throat. The wolf grew ever more restless. His skin tightened and sweat beaded on his forehead as he fought with his wolf for control.

       “What ripples? What are you talking about?” Marcus straightened with the pool cue on his shoulder.

        God damn, am I the only one feeling the interference?

       “Get everybody out. Now.”

       Blake approached the bar as Marcus ushered the few confused patrons outside. His friend tossed him a quizzical look and stopped next to the woman.

       “She stays.”

       “What the hell is going on, B?”

       “Just get outside.”

       Marcus exited the bar with a shake of his head, closing the door behind him. Blake took a deep breath and strode across to the woman in white.

       “You didn’t have to make them leave on my account.” She swung around on the stool to face him.

       Blake’s breath seized; his wolf roared. His cock, neglected for longer than necessary, stirred. Her smooth skin glowed the palest ivory, making her appear fragile and untouchable. Bone straight, white hair fell to her waist, getting lost in the white of her tight blouse, distressed jeans and floor length coat. The killer heels on her feet were an obscene red, matching her lips.

        I can hear your wolf, she whispered in his head. Why do you suppose he’s fighting so hard to get out?

       Blake flinched and stared into her mismatched eyes, feeling like he was floating. He tried getting into her thoughts but came up against a black wall.

        That’s right. I can read your mind, but alas, she sighed dramatically, you can’t fuck with mine.

       He closed the gap between them on unsteady legs, hands at his sides, heart hammering in his chest. Sweaty skin tightened painfully as his wolf clawed under his skin.

       “Who are you?”

       “Who do you want me to be, Blake?” Sex dripped from her low voice. Husky and silky-smooth. She posed a threat to him, to his wolf, to—

        Now, now. A threat? Li’l ole me? She winked her right eye, the gold one. The left eye sparked a vibrant, violet hue.

       “What are you?” Standing next to her with his teeth clenched, Blake couldn’t decide whether to grab her and spread her legs across the bar, or shoot her between those weird, gorgeous eyes.
       “Um.” She licked her lips. “I vote for the first option.” He narrowed his eyes and she shrugged. “Just saying.”

       “Strange magic surrounds you,” he rasped. “And you bring it here, to my pack.”

       “Well, if you want to get technical, the strange magic doesn’t surround me so much as it lives in me.”

       Blake reached a hand out, but snatched it back at the last second. “Get out now before I kill you.” He couldn’t have her here, distracting him with her strange pull and her particular brand of magic.

       She laughed. Invisible arms wrapped around his waist and jerked him forward. To her.
       “There are many reasons you can’t kill me, but let’s start with the one you refuse to acknowledge.” Rising off the stool, she leaned over and dragged her tongue down his neck.

       His wolf erupted, awakened further by her touch. His cock, aroused before, hardened to painful proportions. Blake growled and grabbed her by the neck. She stared at him with her lips curved, those eyes twinkling.

       The name’s Voltaire, but what do you call me, Blake?

       He tightened his fingers around her neck. Her strange-ass pupils dilated. The wolf scented her arousal and went crazy, ready to mark. To claim.

        Say it, Blake.

       His eyesight dimmed as the wolf grew stronger, his other half already accepting what he fought to deny. Blake jerked her to him, speaking the word before his mouth descended on hers.


You can purchase Avril’s book at:

Interview with Avril Ashton

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Avril. I loved the teaser excerpt. Tell us a little bit more about the book. What inspired you to write this story?

Thanks for having me today. Voltaire, the heroine of Till Abandon, just popped into my head one day. She was cocky, demanding, deadly, and in the middle of slitting someone’s throat. Naturally I had to find out why J

Do you do anything special to get into the zone of writing?

Music gets me in my zone. Something sensual and heartbreaking…in other words R&B.

What genre/genre’s are your favorite, and why?

I like erotic romance, so anything that falls under that umbrella is fine with me: Para/shifter, fantasy, M/M, anything where the conflict is great and the sex is off the charts. 

How would you describe your writing style?

Wow…I’d say my style is crisp, sexy, and quite vulgar.

Do you prefer hot erotica or sweet romance?

Heheh…I like it hot. Sweet just gives me a tooth ache.

Tell us what you have on your own personal To Be Read list?

I’m big on reading M/M so GA Hauser, Cassandre Dayne, Cameron Dane, and Evangeline Anderson are always on my TBR list.  

Who are some of your favorite authors?

The same as above with some JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresly Cole thrown in for good measure.

What can your fans expect to see from you in the near future?

More dirty stories filled with sexy women and delectable men humping (each other too), and expensive heels. My website has all works in progress and coming soon:

You can find out more about Avril Ashton at: