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Welcome Guest Author Avril Ashton

Today, in the Authors Spotlight, I am pleased to have Author Avril Ashton.  Avril has a new book, Till Abandon, published by and available at Total E Bound.

Till Abandon Teaser

In his apartment over Montez’ bar, Blake Montez lay on his bed, chewing on a toothpick, eyes closed. A psychic disturbance hovered in the air, charged with magic he’d never experienced before. It’d been two days since he’d first felt the soft ripples on his skin, and now it grew stronger, more insistent.

       The other half of him, his wolf, clawed to get out, but Blake ignored the need for the moment. While strange and very powerful, the magic didn’t appear malevolent. These powers didn’t come from the cats trying to stake a claim to his territory. Czion, the jaguar leader, didn’t have access to the kind of power Blake felt in the air. Still, he should warn his pack to be wary, to be on the lookout for any strange goings-on. As Alpha, it was his duty to protect them and if this thing posed a threat, they needed to be prepared.

       He rose off the bed, pulling on a pair of sweat pants and the black T-shirt he’d discarded earlier. A few of his guys remained downstairs, playing pool and hanging out. He’d tell them his suspicions and ask them to spread the word. Then he’d go for a run. His wolf itched to come out and play tonight.

       Halfway down the stairs, he stopped. The unfamiliar magic seemed concentrated in the room below, the bar. He took his time descending the stairs, using his wolf senses to scent out the source. He found it—or rather her—at the bar.

       “Marcus, get everyone out now.” Speaking to his beta and best friend, Blake kept his eyes on the woman. She sat with her back to him, dressed to match the snow white of her hair.

       “What’s going on, Blake?” Bent over a pool table in the corner, cue in hand, Marcus didn’t sound the least bit disturbed.

       “Don’t you feel the ripples in the air?” Blake struggled to quiet the growls rumbling in his throat. The wolf grew ever more restless. His skin tightened and sweat beaded on his forehead as he fought with his wolf for control.

       “What ripples? What are you talking about?” Marcus straightened with the pool cue on his shoulder.

        God damn, am I the only one feeling the interference?

       “Get everybody out. Now.”

       Blake approached the bar as Marcus ushered the few confused patrons outside. His friend tossed him a quizzical look and stopped next to the woman.

       “She stays.”

       “What the hell is going on, B?”

       “Just get outside.”

       Marcus exited the bar with a shake of his head, closing the door behind him. Blake took a deep breath and strode across to the woman in white.

       “You didn’t have to make them leave on my account.” She swung around on the stool to face him.

       Blake’s breath seized; his wolf roared. His cock, neglected for longer than necessary, stirred. Her smooth skin glowed the palest ivory, making her appear fragile and untouchable. Bone straight, white hair fell to her waist, getting lost in the white of her tight blouse, distressed jeans and floor length coat. The killer heels on her feet were an obscene red, matching her lips.

        I can hear your wolf, she whispered in his head. Why do you suppose he’s fighting so hard to get out?

       Blake flinched and stared into her mismatched eyes, feeling like he was floating. He tried getting into her thoughts but came up against a black wall.

        That’s right. I can read your mind, but alas, she sighed dramatically, you can’t fuck with mine.

       He closed the gap between them on unsteady legs, hands at his sides, heart hammering in his chest. Sweaty skin tightened painfully as his wolf clawed under his skin.

       “Who are you?”

       “Who do you want me to be, Blake?” Sex dripped from her low voice. Husky and silky-smooth. She posed a threat to him, to his wolf, to—

        Now, now. A threat? Li’l ole me? She winked her right eye, the gold one. The left eye sparked a vibrant, violet hue.

       “What are you?” Standing next to her with his teeth clenched, Blake couldn’t decide whether to grab her and spread her legs across the bar, or shoot her between those weird, gorgeous eyes.
       “Um.” She licked her lips. “I vote for the first option.” He narrowed his eyes and she shrugged. “Just saying.”

       “Strange magic surrounds you,” he rasped. “And you bring it here, to my pack.”

       “Well, if you want to get technical, the strange magic doesn’t surround me so much as it lives in me.”

       Blake reached a hand out, but snatched it back at the last second. “Get out now before I kill you.” He couldn’t have her here, distracting him with her strange pull and her particular brand of magic.

       She laughed. Invisible arms wrapped around his waist and jerked him forward. To her.
       “There are many reasons you can’t kill me, but let’s start with the one you refuse to acknowledge.” Rising off the stool, she leaned over and dragged her tongue down his neck.

       His wolf erupted, awakened further by her touch. His cock, aroused before, hardened to painful proportions. Blake growled and grabbed her by the neck. She stared at him with her lips curved, those eyes twinkling.

       The name’s Voltaire, but what do you call me, Blake?

       He tightened his fingers around her neck. Her strange-ass pupils dilated. The wolf scented her arousal and went crazy, ready to mark. To claim.

        Say it, Blake.

       His eyesight dimmed as the wolf grew stronger, his other half already accepting what he fought to deny. Blake jerked her to him, speaking the word before his mouth descended on hers.


You can purchase Avril’s book at:

Interview with Avril Ashton

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Avril. I loved the teaser excerpt. Tell us a little bit more about the book. What inspired you to write this story?

Thanks for having me today. Voltaire, the heroine of Till Abandon, just popped into my head one day. She was cocky, demanding, deadly, and in the middle of slitting someone’s throat. Naturally I had to find out why J

Do you do anything special to get into the zone of writing?

Music gets me in my zone. Something sensual and heartbreaking…in other words R&B.

What genre/genre’s are your favorite, and why?

I like erotic romance, so anything that falls under that umbrella is fine with me: Para/shifter, fantasy, M/M, anything where the conflict is great and the sex is off the charts. 

How would you describe your writing style?

Wow…I’d say my style is crisp, sexy, and quite vulgar.

Do you prefer hot erotica or sweet romance?

Heheh…I like it hot. Sweet just gives me a tooth ache.

Tell us what you have on your own personal To Be Read list?

I’m big on reading M/M so GA Hauser, Cassandre Dayne, Cameron Dane, and Evangeline Anderson are always on my TBR list.  

Who are some of your favorite authors?

The same as above with some JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresly Cole thrown in for good measure.

What can your fans expect to see from you in the near future?

More dirty stories filled with sexy women and delectable men humping (each other too), and expensive heels. My website has all works in progress and coming soon:

You can find out more about Avril Ashton at:

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