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Author Spotlight - Donina Lynn

Today on the Vampire Scribe, I welcome fellow Evernight author, Donina Lynn. Her new story, Arms of Serenity, released September 25th.

Author Bio:

Hi! I live in a small rural Pennsylvania town on the outskirts of the Poconos. As in small, I mean we don't even have a traffic light. We do, however, have a DG, a pizzeria and a Chinese restaurant. Thank goodness! Because, I would probably starve without takeout and a microwave. Cooking is something I enjoy during the holidays and for special occasions. But on a normal day, I take full advantage of a supermarket's frozen section. 

Even though I was born and raised a country girl, my idea of communing with nature is gazing out my window while guzzling mass quantities of coffee. Next to the microwave, my Keurig is my prized possession. Seriously, the inventors of that gadget deserve an award and are personal heroes of mine. 
When I'm not at my day job, hanging with my family or friends, curled up with my Kindle, or typing away at the computer, you can find me in front of the TV watching anything paranormal, sci-fi or a good action flick. Kudos go to any movie or show that incorporates explosions, big guns, and gratuitous butt shots. 

My addiction to romance novels started as soon as I could turn a page and has stayed with me until much later in life when I decided to sit down and give writing one a whirl. Who knew that decision would have brought me here? I am extremely grateful it has and hope you enjoy reading about the characters that have taken up residence in my head. There is a bit of a warning, however. I have a fondness - bordering on obsession - with the military, public service, bad boys, and men with bald heads, goatees or tattoos.  Heroes with one or many of these traits might be a reoccurring theme until I can work through these issues. :-)

You can find me at:

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! I’m very excited to be here and to be sharing my debut novel Arms of Serenity.   

When I first sat down to think about what I wanted to write, the one thing I knew I wanted to incorporate was a message. That being that the events of the past shouldn’t dictate how we live our lives in the future.  We should learn from our experiences and look to the future as an opportunity for a new beginning. Simple, right? But when we are unable to move beyond those events and they threaten to determine who we are today, is it ever that easy to forget and find the peace within ourselves to allow happiness into our lives? Life and especially love are never that simple.

In Arms of Serenity, you meet Nick and Becca. Both are emotionally damaged and in desperate need of someone to show them how to let go of their pasts and that love is possible as long as they are willing to let it in. Their story is full of inner struggles, laughs, romance and even a smidgen of danger. Doesn’t every good love story need at least one or two bad guys? J


Plagued by guilt, Nicholas Hollsten ended his military career in the Special Forces and returned home only to be forced into a life he never wanted. Nick found himself running his father’s company and making good on a promise to his team. Angry and frustrated with the direction his life was taking, he calms his thoughts by filling his evenings and bed with soft distractions. Until one woman captures his interest.
Rebecca Klayton thought she was happy in her small town, running her bakery and avoiding love. That emotion only meant heartache and being left exactly where you started—alone. Lesson learned. But, when the sexy stranger from their hot New Year’s Eve party shows up at her counter, will she be able to ignore the temptation or will she find what she’s been missing in the Arms of Serenity?


Becca got as far as the curve outside before she heard Nick’s voice calling her name. She closed her eyes and groaned.

Almost made it.

Why was he following her? Couldn’t he just leave her alone? She held up her hand to signal a taxi and hoped ignoring him would work until one stopped.

Becca heard him say her name again. Only this time he was too close to pretend that she didn’t hear him. She turned to find him holding the picture frame.

“You forgot this.”

He just wanted to give her the frame. She sighed in relief and reached to take it from him.

“Thank you.”

He looked at her and put a smug smile on before saying, “You forgot these also.” He reached into his pant pocket and pulled out a glimpse of white lace material.

Becca gasped when she realized it was her forgotten panties. She got closer to put her hand out.

“Thank you for finding them.”

Nick pushed them back in his pocket. “How about that coffee?”

Becca took a step back and crossed her arms. “Are you seriously holding my underwear hostage until I go out on a date with you? Doesn’t that border on blackmail?”

Nick laughed. “Just using whatever means I have at my disposal to get you to say yes.”

Becca would laugh too if she wasn’t so angry. He was being an arrogant pushy ass. She glared at him. From his polished shoes, tailored pants, and what looked like a cashmere sweater, he was head to toe everything that Becca wasn’t. Why was he doing this? Damn him for coming after her. Damn him for wanting more when he could go back into the ballroom and have anyone of those models sitting at the table.

“You’re not my type.” She turned away from him and once again put her hand up in the air.

She stood there not wanting to look back. He hadn’t answered her, and Becca silently hoped that he had walked away. She was a mess. Her insides trembled at the conflicting emotions of anger and longing coursing through her. It would be so easy to give in and go with him.

Becca felt a hand brush against her neck and his voice against her ear.
“I’m going to have to argue that statement. I seem to remember being exactly your type last night as you shook and screamed in pleasure when I was buried deep inside of you.” He kissed the spot behind her ear, and she gasped in response. Shivers cascaded through her, and she leaned back melting into his body.

Becca cursed herself.

Dammit, Becca get some control! He’s just a rich guy who thinks he can get anything he wants.

Becca pulled away and turned around to face him as a taxi finally came to her rescue. Opening the door, she stood behind it to use as a barrier between them and took a breath to steady her trembling legs and gain some courage.

“Nick, last night was great, and thank you for not saying anything back in there.” She nodded her head in the direction of the hotel and continued. “But I’m just not interested.” She got in the cab, closed the door, and stared ahead as she gave the driver her destination. As the taxi pulled away, she could see him in the rearview mirror. For the second time in less than twenty-four hours, she left him just standing and staring after her.

Available at:


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New Release - Blood of the NIle

Welcome back to my lair! Today, I'm excited to announce the release of my latest book in the Tales from the Vampire Scribe series. Blood of the Nile is a steamy romance set in the Sahara desert. Sink your teeth into a tantalizing teaser excerpt below.

Book Blurb:

Maliyah Aziz has no time for men. Employed by the U.S. Government overseas, the self-described workaholic refuses to let a relationship derail her flourishing career. But when her estranged father passes away abruptly, she must re-examine her priorities and return to Cairo, a place plagued with bittersweet memories of her childhood.

For eight hundred years, vampire Ramses Shakir maintains a low profile, making a living along the trade routes of the Nile River. Although not until he forms a partnership with a human by the name of Anwar al Aziz, does he truly make his mark on society. Together the two men amass a fortune and forge an unbreakable bond. Suspicious of Anwar’s sudden death, the vampire turns to his best friend’s daughter in search of answers. As they scour all of Egypt for clues, the last thing Ramses and Maliyah expect to find is love.

Teaser Excerpt:

Ramses dragged his fingers through his damp hair as perspiration gathered at the base of his skull. That day, the temperature in the Sahara surpassed one hundred degrees and Maliyah wasn’t doing him any favors by turning up the heat. The wanton tease made him want to yank off the flowing, floral print dress she wore and fuck her silly. Visions of her sweet ass plastered against the windows of the train car danced in his head. He wanted her naked and it didn’t matter if a whole caravan of desert nomads stopped to catch a glimpse. Their coupling was bound to happen. Why not sooner than later?
Nonetheless, Maliyah made a good point. Ramses had promised her cousin Husani that he’d keep his hands to himself. A man of honor, he intended to stay true to his word. He wouldn’t touch Maliyah. At least, not with his hands. His mouth and cock, on the other hand, were both fair game.
            Before Maliyah returned from the powder room, he reached into the small rolling suitcase he’d brought along for the trip. He pulled out a red paisley necktie and placed it next to the other articles of clothing he’d dangled over the chair. There was a good chance he’d need to be tied up in order to keep his paws off Maliyah. The necktie would come in handy if that turned out to be the case.
            The door swung open and Maliyah sauntered in. Her hair was now loose, its shiny, brown tentacles hung haphazardly in front of her face. She’d removed most of her make-up and traded in her three-inch heels for a pair of simple strappy sandals. She looked up at Ramses. Her green-gold gaze locked with his. At the same time, her lower lip jutted out to entice him with its sultry pout.
            Maliyah stepped closer and spoke into his chest. He could feel the heat from her skin tickle his nerve endings. “So now what? We’ve got eleven hours to kill and I’m saving the fashion magazines Salma shoved in the side of my bag until I get desperate?”
            “You? Desperate?” Ramses repeated. His raspy tone came out as sensual and breathy, with a hint of sarcasm mixed in to keep Maliyah on her toes. “It’d be a pity if we let that happen. I think we can find something to keep us occupied. Maybe there’s a deck of cards in my carry on.”
            Maliyah put her hand to her lips as if to giggle, but instead a loud snort came out through her nose.
Is she mocking me? Ramses thought to himself. She hadn’t uttered a single word, yet he knew her snicker was meant in protest.
Only Maliyah, a siren who embodied the perfect combination of subtle innocence and feisty femme fatale, could dish out corrosive rancor just as well as she could take it. That time, she’d done so without even opening her mouth. Although Ramses had great reverence for the Egyptian culture in which he was reared, he found himself drawn to Maliyah’s freethinking, American tendencies. He respected her desire for independence and the rebellious streak she wielded at every turn.
Before he could think of a saucy comeback, Maliyah had already placed both hands on Ramses’ bare shoulders. She massaged his biceps and let the pads of her fingers caress their way up and down his arm. Soon, they became tangled in the shaggy, black hair that gathered at his neck.
“How could a game of cards possibly keep me amused? Not when I have all this tempting, well-toned flesh at my disposal.”
“Wait,” Ramses said, pulling back slightly. He hadn’t anticipated Maliyah’s aggressive pursuit. His need for her bordered on the absurd, but he knew he’d have to take things slow. Otherwise, his vampire persona might make an unexpected appearance. He shoved his hands in his pockets to keep from touching her. “What about the pledge we made to Husani?”
Maliyah leaned in, and her heated breath skated across his tanned skin, sending a direct signal to his cock. It was time to come out and play. Whatever sport Maliyah wanted to tackle, Ramses would step up to the plate.
“I made no such promise. Just keep your hands to yourself, lover boy. Let me do all the work,” she said, darting her tongue out to taste him. God damn, Maliyah was a woman after his own heart. God damn, Maliyah was a woman after his own heart. Her succulent lips blazed a path from his neck, passed the sparse patch of hair that peeked out from the top of his shirt.
 Maliyah hiked the shirt up past his navel. Her eyes followed the line of dark curls downward until she once again spotted the thick erection through his jeans. She sank to her knees, and then used her hands to remove his belt. One by one, she undid the buttons of his 501’s, as a flush of red spread across her face. She must have realized that he wore nothing underneath.
Ramses’ shaft was as hard as stone. It sprang eagerly from his jeans. Maliyah lowered them to the floor and without hesitation licked the head of his cock into her mouth.
            “To hell with restraint!” Ramses groaned.

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Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Welcome to the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop. In celebration of all things sexy and spooky, I'm offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win ALL THREE books in my Tales From the Vampire Scribe series. So put on your scariest costume, kick up your heels, and read the book blurbs from all three of these steamy vampire stories.

Irresistible Nemesis - Tales From the Vampire Scribe Book 1

Eva Sambucco is a stiletto-wearing, stake-wielding vampire huntress with everything a girl from the Big Apple desires. Good looks. A great job. Even an expensive wardrobe. But the one thing she wants the most, is the only thing she can’t have. The leader of the New York City vampire coven. Andreas Kristopolous is her Irresistible Nemesis.

Andreas runs AK Oil International - one of the wealthiest business conglomerates in the world. But money can’t fix a scarred relationship with his father or cure him of his philandering chauvinism. With god-like good looks and a fat bank account, women fight for his attention like wolves battling for the coveted alpha position.

Can Eva slay her own personal demons and come to grips with her feelings for Andreas? Will she be able to keep the bimbos at bay long enough to help mend his relationship with his father and capture his heart?

Twice As Irresistible - Tales From the Vampire Scribe Book 1
Fresh out of NYU’s School of Journalism, Savannah Blake is hungry for a story to catapult her career as a serious news reporter. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the scoop, even if it means sleeping with the enemy.

Vampire fledgling Bobby DuBois recently relocated to the Big Apple from the Louisiana Bayou. Taking a job as a bartender at The Crypt, a bar crawling with creatures of the night, he tries to stay under the radar. The task, however, is made difficult by a smart-talking blonde with killer legs and a million-dollar smile. Savannah struts up to the bar fishing for information on his boss, Andreas Kristopolous, the notorious leader of New York City’s vampire coven.

For the life of him, Bobby can’t figure out why the beautiful snitch looks so damn familiar. By the time the mystery is solved, it’s too late. He’s already addicted.

Blood & Bondage - Tales From the Vampire Scribe Book 3

Anaïs Moreau is a classically-trained ballerina born during Louis XVI’s reign in France. After falling victim to the deviant sexual appetites of a nobleman at court, she suffers betrayal and abandonment at the hands of her aristocratic father. In turn, she embraces her best friend’s gift of immortality and becomes a vampire. For centuries, Anaïs preys on calculating womanizers whose sole purpose is to manipulate women. Until one day, she meets her match.

Oliver Polinski works for the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs. His job is to plan covert missions and train his army of soldiers to hunt down and kill supernatural creatures, vampires most notably. When Oliver and Anaïs cross paths at a mutual friend’s wedding, they learn that they both prefer sex to be a bit kinkier than most.

Can these two star-crossed lovers overcome blinding hate and prejudice for one another and find love? Only time will tell.


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Just Vamps Release Party/Blog Hop

Please join me in welcoming a host of talented romance writers as we celebrate the release of Just Vamps, a multi-author anthology available October 17th from Evernight Publishing. Just in time for Halloween, feel free to induldge in a series of sexy escapades about the undead. Start by reading an excerpt from Blood Bond, my contribution to this steamy collection of paranormal short stories. Then hop along to read more from the other authors in the Just Vamps anthology.

Book Blurb:

Tori Gallagher and Gianna Pugliese have been best friends since kindergarten. But when Tori’s family is forced to leave suburban Lowell, Massachusetts behind and move to Boston for her father’s job, their world falls apart. Distraught at the possibility of separation, the two girls slit their wrists and forge a blood bond, sisters by means of their fluid exchange.

Flash forward fifteen years. Gianna still lives in Lowell, working at her parents’ Italian bakery, La Dolce Vita. Tori follows into her father’s footsteps and peddles prescription drugs to local doctors and hospitals as a pharmaceutical sales rep. One day on the job, she helps screen patients for a clinical trial of an investigational medicine. There she meets Dario Potente, a smoking hot vampire who shares her deviant sexual desires.

The chemistry between the two lovers is intense, until Gianna ends up on her doorstep claiming to who have seen and felt every detail of their latest lust-filled escapade.


“So tell me about this dream,” Tori said as she took a seat on the sofa next to her husband and nuzzled into the crook of his arm.

Gianna’s cheeks flushed hot at the thought of revealing the nitty gritty details of the dream. Tori appeared safe and content, but on the off chance her best friend was in trouble, she had no other choice than to spill her guts. She needed to see the expression on her face in order to unearth the truth. Her gaze darted left to right to avoid direct eye contact as she relived the graphic sexual content of the fantasy that had unfolded between the two newlyweds. Whips and chains aside, the intense emotional connection between them caused her voice to crack as she spoke. Still, she managed to confess that she’d watched like a voyeur, reveling in each eagerly awaited brush of skin against skin.

Gianna clenched her thighs shut, trying to keep her companions from smelling the pungent scent of her sex. Liquid had already moistened the flimsy material of her pink cotton panties. As the last few flashes of their erotic encounter spilled from her lips, Gianna stared up at Tori. There were a myriad of questions on her mind. Could it be true? Had her best friend willingly allowed Dario to pierce her flesh and guzzle down her blood?

While the possibilities swirled around in Gianna’s brain, Tori cocked her head sideways as if to gauge her husband’s reaction. “How is this possible? Could Gianna have somehow gained a window into my subconscious?”

Dario’s eyebrows furrowed. Then he scrubbed a hand over his unshaven jaw. “I’m not sure. Have the two of you ever exchanged blood?”

Suddenly both women drew back, their reflections laden with shock. Gianna hesitated before she answered, swallowing hard as realization struck. “Yes, we have. As children, we slit our wrists and forged a bond.”

“But I never thought anything of it,” Tori interceded, standing up to pace the confines of her small living room. “It was just a silly, childish game.”

For the first time, Gianna noticed the drastic transformation the room had endured. Before, her friend had incorporated neutral shades of brown and tan with a splash of mauve thrown in to brighten up the space. Now the décor took on a much darker, more catastrophic feel. The couches were made of rich Italian leather and the carpets a deep, crimson red. Framed lithographs by renowned painter Salvador Dalí lined the walls with depictions of hellfire and brimstone.

In addition to her interior design preferences, Tori had changed a lot in the past few months. Most likely, Dario had been the cause. If the dream she'd experienced was any indication, sex for them teetered on the brink of kink. It seemed that that was exactly the way her best friend preferred it. She’d no doubt moved on from drunken one night stands with frat boys to submissive interludes with a sadomasochistic lover who drank blood for sport.

Although Tori would have had to be blind not to notice the flagrant sexual intent in her husband’s gaze the moment Gianna appeared on their doorstep. How could she stand by and watch him ogle her best friend? Unless, were they both into that kind of thing?

Gianna watched as Tori continued to walk nervously back and forth, but soon her husband grasped her wrist, and made her slip down into the comfort of his lap. He smiled at Gianna, a sympathetic gesture it seemed. “I know it all sounds crazy. Let me try my best to explain.” Dario combed his fingers through his hair, then took a deep breath and relaxed into the cushions of the couch. “I’m fairly certain you’ve already this figured out by now, but I am a vampire. Despite my proclivities, I’d never hurt your friend. I love her too much. Tori and I have shared fluids, including blood, and as a result, we can merge our minds.”

“You can read each other’s thoughts?”

“Not exactly,” he said, shaking his head. “It’s more intense than that. We can see, hear, smell, even taste what the other experiences.”

“The sensations can get a bit overwhelming at times, but you get used to it.” Tori dipped her head back to plant a kiss to her lover’s stubbly cheek. “I must have somehow broadcast the manifestation of my desire for Dario to you through our open channel of communication. Funny, before today, I never even knew it existed.”


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Look for my short story, Blood Bond, part of the Just Vamps anthology, due out October 17th from Evernight Publishing.
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Evernight's Birthday Blog Hop


Welcome to the Evernight Publishing birthday blog hop!
Evernight Publishing opened its doors two years ago. In those two years we’ve signed over one hundred and sixty authors and published over three hundred books. From paranormal to contemporary, we’ve had more best sellers than we can count and made thousands of people smile, sigh and gasp. So, as a thank you to all our readers and everyone who has supported us, we’re holding this blog hop and we have a whole lot of prizes to offer you.

Here's how it works... the more blogs you hop to (shown below) the more chance you have of winning prizes. Each author on the hop is offering a prize and Evernight is offering the following grand prizes, a Kindle, a $100 Amazon gift certificate, two Evernight swag bags (which includes a tote, a tee, vouchers, a mug and other coolness) and a personalized Facebook banner. To be in with a chance of winning the author prize simply follow the blog you're visiting and leave a comment which includes your email address. Each entry on each blog is then counted towards the grand prize draw. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning a grand prize! You also get extra points for liking the Evernight Facebook page!/evernightpublishing. Just make sure you let us know in the comments that you've done so.

Good luck and happy hopping!
Vampire/Shifters 99 Cent Sale!
During the entire two-week birthday bash, Evernight has graciously agreed to offer my novel, Irresistible Nemesis, at a special price. Check out the blurb and excerpt below!
Book Blurb:
Tales from the Vampire Scribe, 1

Eva Sambucco is a stiletto-wearing, stake-wielding vampire huntress with everything a girl from the Big Apple desires. Good looks. A great job. Even an expensive wardrobe. But the one thing she wants the most, is the only thing she can’t have. The leader of the New York City vampire coven. Andreas Kristopolous is her Irresistible Nemesis.

Andreas runs AK Oil International - one of the wealthiest business conglomerates in the world. But money can’t fix a scarred relationship with his father or cure him of his philandering chauvinism. With god-like good looks and a fat bank account, women fight for his attention like wolves battling for the coveted alpha position.

Can Eva slay her own personal demons and come to grips with her feelings for Andreas? Will she be able to keep the bimbos at bay long enough to help mend his relationship with his father and capture his heart?


Like most charming, charismatic vampires, Andreas had no problem finding dinner. He spotted a sweet, old homeless woman willing to make a blood donation. Her tattered grey overcoat and wide-brimmed hat covered the weathered features of her face. While her clothes looked worse for the wear, she was well-groomed and had recently bathed. All good news for a famished vampire. She smiled up at him, mesmerized by his impeccable gaze, and easily submitted to his demands. Andreas took his fill and left her intact, if not a bit light-headed from loss of blood. Then he turned back toward the subway station. His sleek form moved stealthily in the darkness. The only sound, the tip-tap of Ferragamo loafers as his footsteps came into contact with the iron rails of the track.

“Mr. Kristopolous, what a surprise!” A voice called to him. Its shadow lurked all around him. “I never figured you for the public transportation type.”

The hairs on the back of his neck rose. He recognized that voice. “Ms. Sambucco, how nice to see you again. I’ve just come from dinner. Had I known you’d be in the neighborhood, I would have extended an invitation.”

Eva snickered softly. “That’s very kind of you. But I’ve already eaten.” Her lilt voice dripped with sarcasm. She held her ground even as the vampire undressed her with his eyes.

“Oh, on the contrary, my darling,” Andreas replied. “There’s always room for dessert. And you happen to be the most delectable treat I’ve come across in a very long time.”

Then Andreas approached her. His gait bold and self-assured. With each step forward, she took another one back, until he had her trapped against the wall of the subway tunnel. He lifted his hand in slow motion to gently stroke her cheek with the pad of his finger. His coarse digits glided along her jawline as the huntress lowered her head to avoid his intense stare. She didn’t seem to care much for bloodsuckers. At least, not one hell bent on seduction.

“I should warn you, Mr. Kristopolous–” she began.

“Please, call me Andreas.” He couldn’t breathe with her so near. Eva tilted her head to the side and Andreas was rewarded with the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. Long, luxurious eyelashes cast a sublime shadow over her angelic features, including a provocative glimpse of her ample bosom. His control teetered on the edge of collapse.

This is crazy. Take her now, while you’ve got the chance.

An internal battle raged inside Andreas as the animal fought for supremacy. Then Eva looked up at him, newfound courage reflected in her beautiful brown eyes. Her face flushed in an array of color.
The sudden rush of blood to her cheeks started his own blood pumping. He growled with need.
Eva held her head high in blatant challenge. “Andreas. I advise you to back off. If you refuse, this will end badly. Very badly. I’ll either drag you in to the authorities by the skin of your teeth or kill you. Your choice.”

Without warning, Andreas pressed his burning lips to hers, demanding an acknowledgement. Eva broke away. Her head thrashed from side to side in an effort to resist his bold intrusion. But Andreas wouldn’t be denied. He pinned her pliant curves more rigidly to the wall and locked both hands to her sides. It was either take what he needed or die trying.

Andreas’s stare bore into her. He pleaded for total surrender. She blinked and her expression softened a bit. And he went for it with a kiss much more delicate than their first embrace. The pillowy-softness of his lips and the silky smoothness of his tongue, coaxed a response from her. Eva had no chance in hell of surviving the pure rapture of his kiss. Its sweet sensation, a stark contradiction to the way his firm, rigid body pressed against her. The hard length of his cock rubbed against her clitoris, and she moaned out loud. Before long, she kissed him back with a hunger he’d never experienced before.

Andreas couldn’t stop the momentum of their mutual attraction. Neither of them could. It spiraled out of control with hands everywhere. Probing and prodding. They simply took that which was so desperately needed. Eva’s voracious tongue explored his mouth. Andreas sucked on her pouty lower lip. In a bold move he never expected, she took hold of his firm ass cheeks and squeezed, unleashing the beast that prowled below on the surface. His fangs extended. Andreas scraped them against her tongue and tasted blood. Delicious, hot, and tempting. The taste drove him into a frenzy.

Like a lion pouncing on its prey, he grabbed the front of her floral-print blouse and yanked it open. Eva gasped as tiny glass buttons fell one by one to the ground. She opened her mouth as if to scold him just as Andreas swiped his sultry tongue over the lacy fabric covering her nipple. She went limp and melted in his arms, releasing the sexiest little half-whimper, half-moan he’d ever heard.

“You’re not a huntress. You’re a God damn witch sent to cast a spell on me.” Andreas groaned as he left a trail of passionate kisses along the side of her throat. “I should drain your blood this very instant and get rid of you once and for all. But the need to fuck you is so much stronger.”

“I know exactly what you mean.” Eva whispered the words, her voice rough and gravely as Andreas lifted his head seeking another one of her sizzling kisses.

As his lips descended upon hers, Eva jerked her head back in one swift motion> her forehead came into contact with the bridge of Andreas’s nose. The blow took him by complete surprise. On instinct, he put his hand to his nose and saw the familiar red liquid pooled in the center of his palm. By the time he looked up again, ready to face his beautiful nemesis, she was gone, leaving him reeling. Both angry and aroused.
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Fangtasy Lover Halloween Blog Hop


     The last few days, I've been perusing the internet looking for an interesting Halloween-themed blog hop to join. But to my disappointment, there isn't much going on in the realm of cyberspace promotion during this very busy holiday season. As such, I have decided to launch my own blog hop for all the vampire lovers out there. If you write steamy vampire sex scenes and enjoy reading hunky, fang-toothed heroes, this is the place for you.

Here's how the blog hop will work:

1:  Sign up your blog using the linkytool below.
2. Create a vampire-themed blog post using the icon above. Blog must go live on Wed. Oct. 24th at 12 midnight. Be sure to link your blog to those of other blog participants. (A linkytool will be sent to you after you sign up).
3. Offer readers/commenters a chance to win a great prize (ebook, Amzon gift card, other swag).

Join in on the Fangtastic Halloween Festivities before its too late!

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Indulgent Blog Hop


Thanks for hopping by. The summer heat wave isn't over yet! It's been 100 degree+ temperatures here in sunny San Diego, California. Why not keep things steamy and indulge in a new scene from my recently released novella Blood & Bondage?

Book Blurb:

Anaïs Moreau is a classically-trained ballerina born during Louis XVI’s reign in France. After falling victim to the deviant sexual appetites of a nobleman at court, she suffers betrayal and abandonment at the hands of her aristocratic father. In turn, she embraces her best friend’s gift of immortality and becomes a vampire. For centuries, Anaïs preys on calculating womanizers whose sole purpose is to manipulate women. Until one day, she meets her match.
Oliver Polinski works for the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs. His job is to plan covert missions and train his army of soldiers to hunt down and kill supernatural creatures, vampires most notably. When Oliver and Anaïs cross paths at a mutual friend’s wedding, they learn that they both prefer sex to be a bit kinkier than most.

Can these two star-crossed lovers overcome blinding hate and prejudice for one another and find love? Only time will tell.


Glancing up, Oliver spied the object of his desire on the floor
above him. Anaïs was dancing with a man, a vampire as evidenced by
the blood-curdling glow of his eyes. He had her luscious curves
pinned against the balcony. Her back arched into the shape of a bow
and her hair was draped over the railing’s decorative edge like a
victory flag waving in the air. The sight made Oliver’s blood boil. He
could hear its thunderous roar in his veins. His hands fisted at his side,
fingernails digging into his sweaty palms.

“Wait here. I’ll be back,” he shouted to Adam, who leaned
casually against the bar, eyeing a pretty brunette.

Then Oliver leapt up the stairs to the third level of the
nightclub and pushed his way through the hordes of half-drunk
partygoers until he stood staring at the back of the male vampire’s

Oliver tapped the guy on the shoulder. “Pardon me. Do you
mind if I cut in?”

The bloodsucker barely acknowledged his presence. “Get
lost,” he answered, with a slight tilt of his head. However, Oliver
wouldn’t be denied. He slid out the stake he kept hidden inside his
coat pocket. Then he shoved his opponent back so he could look him
square in the face as he placed the pointed edge of the weapon to his
heart. The man’s eyebrows shot up in surprise once he saw the tip set
against the lapel of his stark white shirt.

The bastard stepped closer, his red orbs growing darker until
they’d been transformed into a dark, glossy haze. Fangs extended, he
sneered into Oliver’s ear; the threat came through loud and clear.
Then, a splotch of blood spread across his chest. But before Oliver
could press the stake all the way through, Anaïs stepped between
them and knocked the weapon to the floor.

“Both of you calm down,” she said as she stared back and
forth from one man to the other. Then, she turned to the vampire
she’d been dancing with earlier. “You’ll have to excuse me. It appears
that my dance card’s full for the rest of the night.”

The sly smirk that developed at the corners of Oliver’s mouth
proved priceless, better than if he’d rubbed salt in the vampire’s
bloody wound. His rival stuck his proverbial tail between his legs and
disappeared into the crowd.

Oliver snatched up Anaïs’s hand, and swept her into his strong
embrace. He grabbed her ass and thrust her against his steel frame,
rubbing his partial erection over the bundle of nerves that surrounded
her clit. Their bodies glued together, they grooved to the tempo of the
fast-paced techno beats. Hip to hip, the sexual tension between them
sparked into a raging, lust-laden inferno.

Oliver grasped both of his partner’s hands. He thrust them
behind her back, exerting his dominance and giving her very little
room to move. It seemed she could hardly breathe, let alone find a
way to escape. With Anaïs at his mercy, Oliver swooped in, his face
mere inches from hers.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, Anaïs Moreau.” His husky
voice whispered in her ear. It was laced with hostility and unfulfilled
desire. Then he lowered his head and kissed her, slow and sensually
while a hand explored every facet of Anaïs’s magnificent flesh
through her clothes. Soon, he heard a soft moan slip past her lips and
felt her tremble in his arms.

Oliver couldn’t hesitate; the time to act had come. As he
continued to distract her with his mouth, he reached one hand into the
pocket of his trousers and pulled out a zip tie. It was a simple, yet
effective tool he often employed when the need to apprehend a
suspect presented itself. As he locked the plastic apparatus into place,
Anaïs’s body stiffened. The arch of her spine lengthened, while the
serene expression on her face became replaced with an indignant
scowl. Lifting her chin, she turned her nose to the wind and refused to
meet her lover’s simmering gaze.

“So this is what it’s come to? For God’s sake, I’m a vampire,
not a rabid animal. Must you tie me up like this?”

“Somebody’s gotta save you from yourself,” Oliver smiled
into the side of her cheek, half amused at her snooty show of defiance.
Maybe she thought it’d piss him off, but it only served to make him
hard and hornier than imaginable. “Besides, have you ever tried
playing the role of a submissive? You never know, you might enjoy
letting someone else take the lead for once.”

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