Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Welcome to the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop. In celebration of all things sexy and spooky, I'm offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win ALL THREE books in my Tales From the Vampire Scribe series. So put on your scariest costume, kick up your heels, and read the book blurbs from all three of these steamy vampire stories.

Irresistible Nemesis - Tales From the Vampire Scribe Book 1

Eva Sambucco is a stiletto-wearing, stake-wielding vampire huntress with everything a girl from the Big Apple desires. Good looks. A great job. Even an expensive wardrobe. But the one thing she wants the most, is the only thing she can’t have. The leader of the New York City vampire coven. Andreas Kristopolous is her Irresistible Nemesis.

Andreas runs AK Oil International - one of the wealthiest business conglomerates in the world. But money can’t fix a scarred relationship with his father or cure him of his philandering chauvinism. With god-like good looks and a fat bank account, women fight for his attention like wolves battling for the coveted alpha position.

Can Eva slay her own personal demons and come to grips with her feelings for Andreas? Will she be able to keep the bimbos at bay long enough to help mend his relationship with his father and capture his heart?

Twice As Irresistible - Tales From the Vampire Scribe Book 1
Fresh out of NYU’s School of Journalism, Savannah Blake is hungry for a story to catapult her career as a serious news reporter. She’ll do whatever it takes to get the scoop, even if it means sleeping with the enemy.

Vampire fledgling Bobby DuBois recently relocated to the Big Apple from the Louisiana Bayou. Taking a job as a bartender at The Crypt, a bar crawling with creatures of the night, he tries to stay under the radar. The task, however, is made difficult by a smart-talking blonde with killer legs and a million-dollar smile. Savannah struts up to the bar fishing for information on his boss, Andreas Kristopolous, the notorious leader of New York City’s vampire coven.

For the life of him, Bobby can’t figure out why the beautiful snitch looks so damn familiar. By the time the mystery is solved, it’s too late. He’s already addicted.

Blood & Bondage - Tales From the Vampire Scribe Book 3

Anaïs Moreau is a classically-trained ballerina born during Louis XVI’s reign in France. After falling victim to the deviant sexual appetites of a nobleman at court, she suffers betrayal and abandonment at the hands of her aristocratic father. In turn, she embraces her best friend’s gift of immortality and becomes a vampire. For centuries, Anaïs preys on calculating womanizers whose sole purpose is to manipulate women. Until one day, she meets her match.

Oliver Polinski works for the Bureau of Paranormal Affairs. His job is to plan covert missions and train his army of soldiers to hunt down and kill supernatural creatures, vampires most notably. When Oliver and Anaïs cross paths at a mutual friend’s wedding, they learn that they both prefer sex to be a bit kinkier than most.

Can these two star-crossed lovers overcome blinding hate and prejudice for one another and find love? Only time will tell.


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