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Twice As Irresistible

Hi Ladies and Gents,

Here's a teaser from my free read, Twice As Irresistible, due out soon from Evernight Publishing.  Enjoy! :)

Excerpt from Twice As Irresistible:

Bobby swiped his hand through his hair and groaned. The thought of drinking Savannah’s blood left him horny and hard as steel. His eyes roved over her curves, trying to decide which mound he’d sink his fangs into first.  Her breasts? Her pussy? Her ass? Maybe all three.
He glanced at Savannah’s creamy thighs, then followed the path upward. His attention was drawn to the soft, supple skin just below her ass that poked out from the hem of her short skirt.
The sweet spot. That’s where he’d take her. In more ways than one.
Once they‘d entered the fifth floor Manhattan flat she called home, Bobby took a moment to acclimate himself to his surroundings. The room was mostly dark, cast in shadows by the tiny rays of moonlight that shone through the windows. Shiny wood flooring reflected the light and bounced off the ground to give Bobby a glimpse of the apartment’s layout. All four walls were painted in a shade of pale pink. The headboard and armoire had been stained with a white-wash finish. A stark ivory-colored couch sat in the corner of the room, without a single spot to blemish its subtle elegance. Everything about the room oozed delicate femininity, in absolute contrast to the seductive vixen dressed in black who’d come on to him in the bar. Savannah was definitely a mystery, one he intended to solve before the end of the night.
Bobby kicked the door shut and turned her in his arms, her heaving breasts pressed against the adjacent wall. With his foot, he spread Savannah’s knees apart, and prepared her for his assault. Already, he could smell the musky scent of her arousal. The distinct aromas of sex and blood swirled about in his nose. He felt like a connoisseur of fine wine sniffing a glass of rich, fruity goodness moments before he consumed it. Bobby reached between her legs and swiped a dollop of feminine juices onto his finger, then sucked it into his mouth. He heard Savannah gasp, saw her body shudder in response to his touch.
“Hmm. You taste sweet.” Bobby let out an audible sigh. Would Savannah’s blood taste as scrumptious as her sex? Just thinking about it made him drool. Her lush curves deserved to be worshiped, yet he knew he couldn’t do them justice in his current state of mind. Already, he felt the beast rise to the surface, and if he didn’t act fast, he’d bite her before he could fuck her.
Bobby’s fingers delved inside her pussy, his movements desperate. Erratic. She was already wet, but he wanted her drenched in desire. Drizzling with need. He counted on that moisture to lubricate Savannah’s ass before he took her there. Her breath grew shallow and labored. Her womb clamped down on his digits, drowning them with sticky, sugary nectar.
“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” Savannah cried out. Too bad. Bobby had other plans. He jerked his fingers from her folds, then released the clasp that kept her skirt intact, and let it drop to the floor. In one swift motion, he slapped her plump ass cheek with the inside of his hand. Savannah winced, then moaned, the sound almost a growl in her throat. Within seconds, a bright red blotch marred her derrière.
“Move to the bed,” he said, nudging her to the edge of the frilly, pink and white floral comforter. As she stumbled across the room, the remnants of her undergarments dropped onto the wood like splatters on a painter’s canvas. “Bend over. Lift that bodacious booty in the air so I can spank it again.”
Savannah followed his instructions to the letter. As he accompanied her to the bed, Bobby slipped his jacket from his shoulders and stripped off his clothes a piece at a time. Other than Savannah’s three-inch suede pumps, they were both naked.
The only thing sexier would have been a pair of shiny, steel-toed cowboy boots.
The reporter licked her bottom lip and cocked her head sideways, probably to see him better. Lust swam in the depths of her deep, blue irises. Then Bobby raised his hand over his head and released it. Whack! Palm to ass. The sting of skin-to-skin contact shot up his arm before it shifted in reverse and settled in his groin.

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Naughty Fairy Tales Blog Hop

Welcome to Evernight Publishing's Naughty Fairy Tales Blog Hop. Please join me and six other talented EP authors in the launch of a fabulous new line of sexy stories based on classic fairy tales.

Blurb from Rendezvous with Rumpelstiltskin:

Finn Rumpelstiltskin is a wealthy playboy descended from a long line of European royals. A count with boyish good lucks and an infectious smile, he seduces women with the grace and skill of a master swordsman. Until an insignificant one night stand changes his life forever. Horribly disfigured by a spurned lover and her sorceress mother, Finn is forced to learn the meaning of the phrase, Beauty is only skin-deep.
Katarina Krauss is a rare and exquisite jewel. On the cusp of womanhood, the talented weaver must decide whether to save her family from financial ruin, or follow her heart. Thrust into the hands of Aleksander Othman, a ruthless warlord eager to manipulate her gift and steal her virtue, Katarina must spin a heap of straw into a stack of gold.

Will Finn’s magic help Katarina escape Aleksander’s evil clutches? Can he win her heart and reclaim his soul?

Here's an excerpt from my twisted, tantilizing interpretation of Rumpelstiltskin.

Katarina rose up off the mattress, her hands reaching for his
sex. But Aleksander wouldn’t allow it. He shoved her back down and
hovered above her as his cock pushed against the entrance to her
womb. He rubbed it over her folds, letting her succulent nectar serve
as lubrication. Then suddenly, he stopped short. The constant pressure
of his shaft pressed firmly against her throbbing clitoris almost drove
her insane.

Propped up on her elbows, Katarina yanked on his half buttoned
shirt and pulled him into her embrace. She kissed him hard
before whispering softly against his lips. Her heated breath came out
as a hoarse, needy purr.

“What are you waiting for? Take me now.”

Aleksander arched his back, his rigid stance setting Katarina’s
nerves on edge. “No, I can’t. You’re worth more to me as a virgin.
But wait here. I have an idea.”

Stepping out of his trousers, Aleksander hopped off the bed,
ran to the armoire, and flung open a drawer. On his way back, she saw
a small white vial filled with a clear liquid in his hand. Before he
could distract her with its contents, Katarina cleared her throat and sat
back against the iron bedpost.

“But what about the other girls? They weren’t virgins.”

Aleksander’s eyes shot open as he returned to the bed. He set
the vial down on the pillow and straddled her legs. His nefarious sneer
sent shivers down her spine as he leaned in, leaving passionate kisses
from her earlobe down to her throat.

“You heard about them, did you? Why am I not surprised?”
He tried to capture her lips once again, but Katarina turned away.

First, she had to know the truth.

Her captor reared back, his expression turned austere. “I was
sloppy and impatient. But the third time’s a charm. Besides, I can
fetch more coin from a single virgin than I could for half a dozen
sniveling infants.”

Katarina sighed, then lifted her fingers to tease the mass of
dark curls on his chest. “Mmm. Interesting. Are you sure I can’t
persuade you to keep me?” She edged forward, her tongue darting out
to taste his provocative lips.

Aleksander never bothered to answer. Instead, his body did the
talking. Rough, talented hands wandered over her hips and lower
between her legs, massaging the entrance to Katarina’s womb as he
toyed with her slick folds. Two fingers delved into her pussy,
pumping in and out until she writhed and moaned in pleasure. Her
juices drizzled down his arm and soaked the white down comforter.

While she was preoccupied, her captor took a third finger and inserted it into the tight recesses of her anal cavity. She felt the walls of her ass contract and burn. Smoldering flames burst from her loins as his digits flitted and flared at a smooth, rhythmic pace. The white-hot
heat was all-consuming, igniting a raging inferno from deep within.

Without warning, Aleksander pulled away. He snatched up the
vial of liquid, flipped open the top, and poured its thick, syrupy
contents into his palm. Then he rubbed the gel-like substance over the
head of his rigid shaft. Once it was lathered in the clear liquid, he
pressed it against Katarina’s curvaceous back door.

“Do it, Aleksander. Fuck my ass.”

He didn’t need any more coaxing. Aleksander surged forward,
pushing past his lover’s restrictive barriers in slow, even thrusts until
he was seated to the hilt. His stiff erection stilled inside her as
Katarina’s fingernails dug into his bulging biceps. She moaned aloud
as his cock throbbed against the walls of her sweet rear. Its snug
sensitivity fed her bold, blistering desire with searing pleasure-pain
strokes. A moment later, he began to pummel her previously untouched

“Damn, woman. Your ass is milking my cock. I’m ready to
come already.”

Aleksander followed his words with a firm, deliberate flick of
his thumb against her distended clitoris, pushing Katarina over the
edge of ecstasy. She screamed his name and clamped down on his
pulsating cock. Suddenly, he pulled out, and his shaft shook in violent
succession as it spewed a spray of hot, white cream all over her bare

Aleksander turned over onto his back, resting his head on the
pillow next to her. His sinister laugh reverberated throughout the
dungeon. “Not bad. Not bad at all,” he said as they both took deep
inhalations of air into their starved lungs. Then it grew silent as
Katarina lay on the mattress, contemplating the sheer magnitude of what had transpired between them. Aleksander remained quiet as

After a few minutes, she heard a commotion brewing outside.
A swarm of screaming voices clamored against the stone walls. She
looked up and saw a cloud of billowy smoke that blanketed the night
sky and filtered in through the arched window.

“Get dressed, and collect your belongings. Be ready to depart
at a moment’s notice,” Aleksander commanded her as he pulled his
trousers over his hips and rushed out of the dungeon without another

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Evernight Publishing:

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Trivia Question:   What is the name of the village Rosabel lives near?

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Also, don't forget to visit these other amazing naughty fairy tales authors!

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Author Spotlight - Ray Sostre

Today on the Vampire Scribe, I'm happy to interject a bit of testosterone with an interview from an extremly talented romance novelist by the name of Ray Sostre. Ray has a new book out, The Girl Upstairs, published by Romance Divine. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Ray.  I love your blog, AfterDark Online. I hope you don’t mind, but I kind of lurk there sometimes. It’s has such a positive, supportive vibe.  How did it all get started?

Wow, thank you so much for having me here and I really appreciate the feedback about AfterDark Online. I don’t mind you lurking there at all. When I first created AfterDark Online, it was an idea that started in the summer of 2009 when I wanted to create an online store selling lingerie, lubes, toys, and other intimate products. However, the idea didn’t fall through so I placed the idea of creating the website on hold, until one year later when I decided to host a site for erotic stories.

I was amazed at how well-known it became over last year. On top of that, I created a personal blog, related to AfterDark Online called The AfterDark World, where I hosts interviews with authors, along with guest interviews by authors and snippets of my work.

At the turn of 2012, I partnered with a well-established author and blog-guru Dawne Prochilo to help both AfterDark Online and two of her famously known blogs Sex Marks The G-Spot and Front Seat Romance take off like never before by promoting events, contests, interviews, guest appearances, and more. I really enjoy the professional relationship that comes together.

Tell us about your current release, The Girl Upstairs. What’s the story all about?

The Girl Upstairs is about a man name Carlos who lost his job from the stock crash and leaves New York to settle in Pennsylvania, where he gets to know his sexy upstairs neighbor, while dealing with her over-protective brother, who is a police officer, and her dangerous ex-boyfriend that just got released from prison.

When I created the story, originally it was about a guy who moved from the country to the big city and tries to find a way to get to know this girl from upstairs, but it really didn’t pan out the way I wanted. So in mid-September, I re-wrote the story and decided to write a hero-twist to it, because I wanted to show the reader what an “Average Joe” like Carlos would do to save the life of the woman he wanted.

Do you do anything special to get into the zone for writing (music, books, movies, etc.)?

LOL, while silence may be golden, I do need music and books. My mind is always thinking of ways to create and finish. Depending on what scene, I’ll listen to some chill-out grooves like, respectfully, or I’ll listen to electronica on my phone or website. I can’t enjoy a day without music actually. When I need to get deep in my thoughts I have to have silence at times. Sometimes, my ideas come at the wee-hours of the morning. On top, I read a lot of other books, whether they are short stories or novels to get a general sense of what some authors are doing, and how I would want to put it.

I loved the concept of The Girl Upstairs? Where did you draw your inspiration for your main characters, Bella and Carlos?

Good question! The name Annabella came from the name of an actress Annabella Sciorra. While one guy would choose Angelina Jolie, or the next hot thing from the media, I stuck with real beauty, style, grace, and talent. I’m fan of her and have been since the movie Jungle Fever and Law & Order CI, respectively. I guess I wanted to describe the female character liker her, but I wanted to put it in my own twists where she is emancipated, but had a dark past.

Carlos’ name just jumped in my mind because I wanted to describe a man who just wanted to go for a woman like her. Maybe it was because when I got my very own place I wanted to put out how I would get to know a sexy neighbor, but not in a guy’s way where he would do anything to sleep with her, but how he wanted to know her personally. Although, you might laugh on where I got his nickname in the story from, I got it off a 1993 film Carlito’s Way, respectively, where I wanted to add some spice to the story.

Tell us what books you have on your own personal To Be Read list?

I just finished reading Dawne Prochilo’s “Callie’s Way” and I’m very amazed of her f/f romance. And I’m about put Insatiable Kate  and First Chance on the TBR, after I get done with Ken Charle’s Sex Tales from West County.

Right now, I’m looking at The Cooper Stud Ranch by Jodi Olson, and oh it’s a very good western erotic romance as I’m amazed by her true nature of her work. She can write a good western romance

Plus, there are more which I need to go through my flash drive and smart phone, because I read these books when I can.

What can your fans expect to see from you in the near future?

I’m right now working on a series called “Suburbian Secrets”. I’m working on part two, and this is the first time I ever wrote something that could be nearly dark. In the first part I wrote my very first ménage scene (m/f/m), and I’m touching on other things I never wrote before. The series is about a married couple that decides on having an open-marriage, where they invite their closest friend to join them in a threesome, but the wife in the story had other intentions with her closest friend.

I’m working on a project called “Finding Possibilities” an older woman/younger male romance about a woman who turned 40 years old and gets involve with a man who is ten years younger than her. It is a romance, but I want to display the realities of that kind of relationship. What most people assume in that relationship is just sex, and how older woman are always horny for young men. In actuality, and from my experience, there’s more than what people assume. So what they see, is not true at all, and there are a lot of big misconceptions that I want to clear up about an older woman/younger man relationships. I’ve been in a relationship with a woman who is twelve years older than me for more than seven years, and we are happy. I want to show that side, and what it takes to make a possibility in that relationship.

Okay, seriously now. I’d love to collaborate with you on a project (on a writing  project, blog tour, participation in one of the contests on your blog). Are you interested?

I’m very honored. Of course I would be interested. All you have to do is name your project and feel free to email, chat, or DM me at anytime. After reading your work, I’m very honored to do a collaboration with you.

I really appreciate you having me on here and I look forward to working with you. :-)

**Look for Ray and Annalynne's upcoming project, the Dirty Deeds Diary, a multi-author collaboration set to launch soon.**


Carlos Munoz left New York and his financial analyst position for a simpler life in Pennsylvania. The slower pace and relaxed lifestyle took some getting used to, but came with certain…benefits, his upstairs neighbor. The voluptuous woman intrigued him, but what about her ex—and her policeman brother? Was part of Carlos’ new life going to include a new love? He had a lot to learn about…The Girl Upstairs.

EXCERPT to The Girl Upstairs

She smiled, “Thanks, being with you has really made me feel safe for some reason. I really didn’t want to tell you this because I didn’t want you to think I’m a fragile woman. I’m not. I was just young and confused back then.”
“I never saw you as a fragile woman. As a matter of fact, I thought of you as an attractive woman that lived above me, who was worth getting to know.”
She smiled. “Thanks, you are sweet. But can I lay a confession on you?”
He narrowed his eyes and cocked his head. “Depends. What’s your confession?”
“The first night you moved in, I was watching you and your brother helping you move in. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” She looked away, “I masturbated about you a lot.”
He sighed and could feel his cheeks heat, with the thoughts of her confession, “Can I give you a confession?”
“What’s your confession, you masturbated about me too?”
“Well, not just that, but I knew you were masturbating. Every time I was in the bathroom you were like clockwork, where I heard you moaning. The radiator pipe that runs
through our bathroom has a nice shaft to hear you.”
She rolled her eyes in disbelief, “Oh my god. You mean to tell me—”
“Well, it’s an old building we live in. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way.”
She looked at him with a straight look, leaving him wondering if she was going to get upset or forgive him. Then, she gave him a brilliant smile. “Only because I like you. I’m
not going to get mad at you.”

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New Teaser from Blood of the Nile

I've been drooling over this picture for the last week. He's the handsome, persistent muse that's been hounding me to finish his story.

Blood of the Nile is a paranormal thriller about Ramses, a wealthy Egyptian vampire who falls in love with the daughter of his recently-deceased business partner, Anwar Aziz. American-born Maliyah Aziz is a strong-willed, independent girl whose spirit gets crushed by the sudden death of her father. Returning to Cairo, Maliyah not only has to deal with the suspicious circumstances regarding Anwar's death, but also the the fire that Ramses ignites inside her.


Everything in the cramped train car was cast in shades of grey. A twin-size bunk bed and a small, round table with a single chair were the only furnishings. Luckily, the view from the large picture window made up for the lack of luxury.
After two attempts on her life in the past twenty four hours, extravagance didn’t seem necessary. All Maliyah wanted was to let her hair down and relax. It’d had been a hectic day to say the least, and Maliyah needed to tend to a few personal hygiene matters. She grabbed some items out of her overnight bag and set them on the small sitting table, then shoved the tote underneath the bunk bed. She watched Ramses remove the cloth that covered his head, then peel the sweat-soaked linen shirt from his shoulders, leaving him in nothing more than a pair of snug Levi’s and a plain-white wife beater.
Maliyah couldn’t resist. She had to take a peek. After all, the man was built like a machine. Sculpted muscle draped over impenetrable steel. His hulking frame visible in the sleeveless tank top made Maliyah’s mouth go dry. She licked her lips to keep them moist, inadvertently garnering Ramses’s lustful scrutiny. He groaned, then laid his belongings over the back of the chair and took hold of his cock in order to adjust the evidence of its expanding girth.
There was no use denying the truth. Maliyah wanted Ramses. No question about it. The fact that her cousin had forbid him from touching her made her yearn for him even more. Ramses must have sensed her desire because he stalked forward, ready to reach for her.
“Careful Ramses, remember your promise,” she said, flattening her hand against his pecs. “Besides, I need to go freshen up. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”


     Ramses dragged his fingers through his damp hair as perspiration gathered at the base of his skull. The temperature outside surpassed one hundred degrees and Maliyah wasn’t doing him any favors by turning up the heat. The wanton tease made him want to yank off the flowing, floral print dress she wore and fuck her silly. Visions of her sweet ass plastered against the windows of the train car danced in his head. He had to fuck her and he didn’t give a damn if a whole caravan of desert nomads stopped to watch his rigid shaft pummel in pussy. It was bound to happen. Why not sooner than later?
     Nonetheless, Maliyah made a good point. Ramses had promised her cousin Husani that he’d keep his hands to himself. A man of honor, he intended to stay true to his word. He wouldn’t touch Maliyah. At least, not with his hands. His mouth and cock, on the other hand, were fair game.
     Before Maliyah came back from the powder room, he reached into the small rolling suitcase he’d brought along for the trip. He pulled out a red patterned necktie and placed it next to the other clothes he’d dangled over the chair. There was a good chance he’d need to be tied up in order to keep his paws off Maliyah. The necktie would come in handy if that turned out to be the case.
     The door swung open and Maliyah sauntered in. Her hair was now loose, its shiny, dark brown tentacles hung haphazardly in front of her pretty face. She’d removed most of her make-up and traded in her three-inch heels for a pair of simple strappy sandals. She looked up at Ramses. Her green-gold gaze locked with his. At the same time, her lower lip jutted out to entice him with its sexy, sultry pout.
     Maliyah stepped closer and spoke into his chest. He could feel the heat from her skin tickle his nerve endings. “So now what? We’ve got eleven hours to kill and I’m saving the fashion magazines Salma shoved in the side of my bag until I get desperate?”
     “You? Desperate?” Ramses repeated, his rasp sounded sensual and breathy, with a hint of sarcasm mixed in to keep Maliyah on her toes. “It’d be a pity if we let that happen. I think we can find something to keep us occupied. Maybe there’s a deck of cards in my carry on.”
     Maliyah put her hand to her lips as if to giggle, but instead a loud, satiric snort came out through her nose.
Is she mocking me? Ramses thought to himself. She hadn't uttered a single word, yet he knew her snicker was meant in protest.
Only Maliyah, a siren who embodied the perfect combination of subtle innocence and feisty femme fatale, could dish out corrosive rancor just as well as she could take it. That time, she’d done so without even opening her mouth.
Before he could think of a saucy comeback, Maliyah had already placed both palms on Ramses’s bare shoulders. She squeezed his biceps and let the pads of her fingers caress their way up his arm, then tangle themselves in his black, shaggy locks.
“How could a game of cards possibly keep me amused? Not when I have all this tempting, well-toned flesh at my disposal.”
“Wait,” Ramses said, pulling back slightly. He shoved his hands in his pockets to prevent him from touching her. “What about the pledge we made to Husani?”
Maliyah leaned in, her heated breath skated across his tanned skin, sending a direct signal to his cock. It was time to come out and play. Whatever sport Maliyah wanted to tackle, Ramses was up to the task.
“Just keep those hands in your pockets, lover boy. Let me do all the work,” she said, darting her tongue out to taste him. God damn if Maliyah wasn’t a woman after his own heart. Her succulent lips blazed a path from his neck, passed the sparse patch of hairs that began on his chest and trailed down his slender waist.
Maliyah’s eyes followed the line of fine, dark curls downward until she spotted his thick, protruding erection through his jeans. She sank to her knees, then used her hands to remove his belt. One by one, she undid the buttons of his 501’s, as a flush of red spread across her face. She must have realized that he wore nothing underneath.
Ramses’s shaft was as hard as stone. It sprang from his loins, ready to frolic. Maliyah lowered his pants to the floor and without hestitation, licked the head of his cock into her hot, wet mouth.
“Oh, fuck! Let the games begin,” he groaned as she sucked him between her lips, so deep he felt the tip hit the base of her throat. Once his shaft brushed against her tonsils, she moaned out loud. The vibration shot a torrent of sensation up from his balls. Ramses jerked forward, then thrust back, seizing control of the situation. He grabbed the back of Maliyah’s head and forced her to accept the entire length of his shaft. Over and over again until his seed threatened to explode.