Friday, April 6, 2012

New Teaser from Blood of the Nile

I've been drooling over this picture for the last week. He's the handsome, persistent muse that's been hounding me to finish his story.

Blood of the Nile is a paranormal thriller about Ramses, a wealthy Egyptian vampire who falls in love with the daughter of his recently-deceased business partner, Anwar Aziz. American-born Maliyah Aziz is a strong-willed, independent girl whose spirit gets crushed by the sudden death of her father. Returning to Cairo, Maliyah not only has to deal with the suspicious circumstances regarding Anwar's death, but also the the fire that Ramses ignites inside her.


Everything in the cramped train car was cast in shades of grey. A twin-size bunk bed and a small, round table with a single chair were the only furnishings. Luckily, the view from the large picture window made up for the lack of luxury.
After two attempts on her life in the past twenty four hours, extravagance didn’t seem necessary. All Maliyah wanted was to let her hair down and relax. It’d had been a hectic day to say the least, and Maliyah needed to tend to a few personal hygiene matters. She grabbed some items out of her overnight bag and set them on the small sitting table, then shoved the tote underneath the bunk bed. She watched Ramses remove the cloth that covered his head, then peel the sweat-soaked linen shirt from his shoulders, leaving him in nothing more than a pair of snug Levi’s and a plain-white wife beater.
Maliyah couldn’t resist. She had to take a peek. After all, the man was built like a machine. Sculpted muscle draped over impenetrable steel. His hulking frame visible in the sleeveless tank top made Maliyah’s mouth go dry. She licked her lips to keep them moist, inadvertently garnering Ramses’s lustful scrutiny. He groaned, then laid his belongings over the back of the chair and took hold of his cock in order to adjust the evidence of its expanding girth.
There was no use denying the truth. Maliyah wanted Ramses. No question about it. The fact that her cousin had forbid him from touching her made her yearn for him even more. Ramses must have sensed her desire because he stalked forward, ready to reach for her.
“Careful Ramses, remember your promise,” she said, flattening her hand against his pecs. “Besides, I need to go freshen up. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”


     Ramses dragged his fingers through his damp hair as perspiration gathered at the base of his skull. The temperature outside surpassed one hundred degrees and Maliyah wasn’t doing him any favors by turning up the heat. The wanton tease made him want to yank off the flowing, floral print dress she wore and fuck her silly. Visions of her sweet ass plastered against the windows of the train car danced in his head. He had to fuck her and he didn’t give a damn if a whole caravan of desert nomads stopped to watch his rigid shaft pummel in pussy. It was bound to happen. Why not sooner than later?
     Nonetheless, Maliyah made a good point. Ramses had promised her cousin Husani that he’d keep his hands to himself. A man of honor, he intended to stay true to his word. He wouldn’t touch Maliyah. At least, not with his hands. His mouth and cock, on the other hand, were fair game.
     Before Maliyah came back from the powder room, he reached into the small rolling suitcase he’d brought along for the trip. He pulled out a red patterned necktie and placed it next to the other clothes he’d dangled over the chair. There was a good chance he’d need to be tied up in order to keep his paws off Maliyah. The necktie would come in handy if that turned out to be the case.
     The door swung open and Maliyah sauntered in. Her hair was now loose, its shiny, dark brown tentacles hung haphazardly in front of her pretty face. She’d removed most of her make-up and traded in her three-inch heels for a pair of simple strappy sandals. She looked up at Ramses. Her green-gold gaze locked with his. At the same time, her lower lip jutted out to entice him with its sexy, sultry pout.
     Maliyah stepped closer and spoke into his chest. He could feel the heat from her skin tickle his nerve endings. “So now what? We’ve got eleven hours to kill and I’m saving the fashion magazines Salma shoved in the side of my bag until I get desperate?”
     “You? Desperate?” Ramses repeated, his rasp sounded sensual and breathy, with a hint of sarcasm mixed in to keep Maliyah on her toes. “It’d be a pity if we let that happen. I think we can find something to keep us occupied. Maybe there’s a deck of cards in my carry on.”
     Maliyah put her hand to her lips as if to giggle, but instead a loud, satiric snort came out through her nose.
Is she mocking me? Ramses thought to himself. She hadn't uttered a single word, yet he knew her snicker was meant in protest.
Only Maliyah, a siren who embodied the perfect combination of subtle innocence and feisty femme fatale, could dish out corrosive rancor just as well as she could take it. That time, she’d done so without even opening her mouth.
Before he could think of a saucy comeback, Maliyah had already placed both palms on Ramses’s bare shoulders. She squeezed his biceps and let the pads of her fingers caress their way up his arm, then tangle themselves in his black, shaggy locks.
“How could a game of cards possibly keep me amused? Not when I have all this tempting, well-toned flesh at my disposal.”
“Wait,” Ramses said, pulling back slightly. He shoved his hands in his pockets to prevent him from touching her. “What about the pledge we made to Husani?”
Maliyah leaned in, her heated breath skated across his tanned skin, sending a direct signal to his cock. It was time to come out and play. Whatever sport Maliyah wanted to tackle, Ramses was up to the task.
“Just keep those hands in your pockets, lover boy. Let me do all the work,” she said, darting her tongue out to taste him. God damn if Maliyah wasn’t a woman after his own heart. Her succulent lips blazed a path from his neck, passed the sparse patch of hairs that began on his chest and trailed down his slender waist.
Maliyah’s eyes followed the line of fine, dark curls downward until she spotted his thick, protruding erection through his jeans. She sank to her knees, then used her hands to remove his belt. One by one, she undid the buttons of his 501’s, as a flush of red spread across her face. She must have realized that he wore nothing underneath.
Ramses’s shaft was as hard as stone. It sprang from his loins, ready to frolic. Maliyah lowered his pants to the floor and without hestitation, licked the head of his cock into her hot, wet mouth.
“Oh, fuck! Let the games begin,” he groaned as she sucked him between her lips, so deep he felt the tip hit the base of her throat. Once his shaft brushed against her tonsils, she moaned out loud. The vibration shot a torrent of sensation up from his balls. Ramses jerked forward, then thrust back, seizing control of the situation. He grabbed the back of Maliyah’s head and forced her to accept the entire length of his shaft. Over and over again until his seed threatened to explode.

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  1. I can definitely see why that guy is your muse. As you read the excerpt, you can just picture him Ramses. Thank you.