Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seduction Is Thy Name

Please join me in welcoming a special guest, my EP sister Kasanna, to the Vampire Scribe.  Kasanna has a new book out this month, entitled, Whip Me Real Good.  Today, Kassana is talking about the topic of being seduced by a good book.

Imagine, sitting alone at the table, resting with your back against the headboard in your comfortable bed or even lying in a tub full of warm water while inhaling the scent of jasmine, with a good book or your e-reader. The story is so engaging, instead of putting the tale down; you turn to the next page.
Everyday life tries to invade. The cat needs to go to the vet, the kid needs to go the store (something about a project due tomorrow).  And still you have a hard time putting down that book. You do it but you grumble and look longingly the tome you must put momentarily put away.  You don’t have to admit this, after all this isn’t an intervention. But I believe that if you have a love of books like I do it probably happens at least once a day to someone out there.
My friends, we have been seduced by books.
Like an old lover or new lover as the case may be, I’m attentive, reading each page, sometimes going over a section twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  Carefully fingering the pages as not to mar the delicate paper or in the case of e-readers buying those pretty covers to protect the “precious” from harm. I have cried and laughed with the hero or heroine. Second guessed their decisions and screamed at them not to turn the corner while immersed in the realm that the author created.  I have even been so mad at a character I put the book down only to retrieve it moments later to find out what happened.
A good story was my reason for becoming a writer.
I wanted to weave amazing tales that enticed the reader. Create a book that you could not put down until the very last page had been turned. Something so exceptional that you, the reader, would regret having to view the words “The End” typed at the bottom of the page. My ultimate goal is to make the world of my creation come alive for you by engaging your sense of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell using only the prose I put on paper.
Silly as it sounds I hope to one day seduce you with my books.
That being said, I hope you enjoyed my take on novels for pleasure and will stand proudly with me as I say, “Yes I have been seduced by books and I liked it!”

Happy reading my friends.



Bonus Material - Here's a blurb from her latest release, Whip Me Real Good, available from Evernight Publishing here:

What do you do when an unexpected party shows you an unexpected lifestyle... and you like it.

Mattie couldn't believe her luck... Not only had the Lexington Corporation agreed to fund her grant for the small organization she'd founded for abused women but she'd also received a complimentary ticket to the years hottest affair. Every year the Erotic Exotic Event was held and the who's who in society always made it a point of showing their faces at the exclusive party. Mattie's pleasure was two fold. This was her chance to come out of her shell to have some fun and thank the man that had personally chosen her little charity.

She had no clue what she was in for.

John ran Lexington Corp like the well oiled machine it was, however Club Lexx was his baby and his home if you counted his apartment above the dance hall. He was a strong believer of giving back to the community which is why he chose a non-profit entity to support every year. What he didn't expect was the latte beauty that looked like a librarian, but moved like a stripper, to come bounding through the clubs gold doors. She blew into the club like a whirlwind and turned his night inside out. Too bad he could never seem to get her to himself for more than a few minutes thanks to a comedy of mishaps that left him wanting her badly. Hoping for an opportunity to get her alone he took the chance when it arose.

That's when things really start to heat up.

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