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A Romp-Rousing Tale of Sexual Titillation


     In October 2011, my debut novel was released by Evernight Publishing. The characters I created were strong and memorable, the plot multi-layered, and the sex was super hot! Needless to say, I was rather pleased with my initial attempt at writing romantic fiction. However, if there was one thing I wanted to improve upon in subsequent work, it was the editing process. As an inexperienced writer, the first go-around was a bit of a daunting task.

     For my follow up novella, the plot development and submission to my publisher flowed rather seamlessly. What else could a newly-published author have asked for? A persistent editor who stuck to her guns.

     Rendezvous with Rumpelstiltskin started out as semi-tame Level 3 fairy tale adaptation. With a string of sexual innuendos and steamy interludes, the chemistry between the hero and heroine was off the charts. Just not raunchy enough to pass snuff with my tenacious and talented editor, Karyn White. (Shout out to Karyn…you’re amazing!!)

     After a few days hemming and hawing over whether to rev up the kink factor in the story, I finally capitulated. The result was a rump-rousing experience the likes of which I, nor my virginal heroine, Katarina, ever could have imagined.

     The following excerpt is a scene between Katarina and the ruthless warlord holding her captive. It sets the stage for my taboo-filled tale of sexual titillation. Be warned: anal sex, forced seduction, and a mind-blowing ménage à trios are soon to unfold.

Excerpt - Rendezvous with Rumpelstiltskin

“Betsy, you may be dismissed,” Aleksander said to the
governess. As soon as the older woman disappeared out of sight, he
advanced on Katarina. He lifted her hand and laid a kiss on her limber
wrist. He stepped back, then twirled her around as if on the floor of a
ballroom. She pirouetted twice before he stopped her. Aleksander
clutched her hip with an unyielding grip and pulled her against his
strong, athletic build, his erection flush against her thigh. Katarina’s
fingers automatically grasped his broad shoulders to keep from
falling. At the same time, he inclined his head to whisper in her ear. “I
make it a habit to treat my guests well. As long as they deliver what is

It was obvious Aleksander wasn’t talking about her work on
the spinning wheel. Katarina cleared her throat and stepped backward
toward the bed. Her captor pursued her, his intent clearly sexual. She
picked up the gold fabric she had woven and whirled around to face
him. “Here is the textile you asked me to weave,” she said, anything
to distract him from his mission to seduce her.

He took a brief gander at the material, then turned his attention
back to Katarina. This time, so close she could smell the brandy on his breath. "very nice. But that's not the only reason I brought you to
my estate,” he said as he cornered her body between the wall and the
bedpost. She had nowhere to run. No place to hide from the onslaught
of his desire. “I need to taste you.”

Suddenly his mouth descended upon her sensitive skin,
leaving a trail of kisses behind her earlobe and down the slender
column of her throat. His fiery-hot tongue ignited a blazing inferno
along her untouched flesh. Katarina moaned and draped her languid
arms over his well-defined shoulders to keep her balance. She
suddenly felt weak. Light-headed. Ready to pass out. She had to
speak up, before she lost her nerve. “Please, Mr. Othman. If you have
any respect for my honor, stop this madness!”

Aleksander drew back and stared at her, his decisiveness
unwavering. His eyes wandered to her breasts for only a moment,
before he yanked on the lace fabric of her bodice, revealing her achy,
swollen bosom. One cherry-red nipple peeked its head out of her
corset. A draft hit her exposed skin and sent a chill up her spine. It
was enough to cause her nipple to bead expectantly, begging for his
eager caress. Katarina whimpered as his thumb grazed the tip. Heat
exploded between her thighs, and liquid from her womb drizzled
down the inside of her leg.

“No need to worry your pretty little head, Katarina. We’re just
having a bit of fun. I plan to leave you fully intact. At least for tonight.” Without warning, he turned her in his arms and pressed her
lithe curves flat against the stone wall. He nudged her legs apart,
lifted her gown, and delicately removed the matching red panties he’d
left for her earlier. Each stroke was purposeful. Each movement
precise and deliberate as if unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning.

Then he stepped away and gawked at her nakedness. Katarina
watched him out of the corner of her eye. His mouth gaped open,
saliva forming in the hollows of his lips in preparation for an all-out
invasion. Katarina could feel his gaze focused on her rear, on the
delicate flesh of her womanhood that glistened in the early morning

Aleksander extended his index finger and slid it over her
heated nub, down her thigh and over her round bottom, collecting the
sweet nectar that pooled in the crevice between the two. Katarina
writhed in his arms. Her knees grew weak. Aleksander seemed to
relish her enthusiastic response. He lifted his finger to his lips to savor
Katarina’s unique flavor. He leaned his forehead against her back and
groaned. “Hmm. Just as succulent as I dreamed.”

Katarina leveraged her sweat-soaked body against the cool
pavers plastered to the wall. She took in deep inhalations of air to
calm her battered nerves. “Sir, why are you doing this?” she asked.

         “Because I can.” With his forehead still pressed between her
shoulder blades, he let out a wicked laugh. His heated breath glided
across her prickly skin. A moment later, he slipped her dress and
undergarments back into place and stepped away. He snatched up the
gold material laid across the foot of the bed and bolted to the door.

“Now get back to your work at the spinning wheel. I have business to attend to in Berlin. But I shall return in a matter of days to check on
your progress. And if you’re a good little slave, I’ll reward you with a
night of pleasure the likes of which your virtuous flesh could never
imagine. Even in your wildest dreams.”

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